Updates from the Primrose Library

February 2020

Hello Primrose Families!

The members of the News Committee from our 3rd Grade Library Council recently met. The students reported library news to each classroom and wrote the following updates for families.

Happy Reading!

Miss O'Kane

Library News

In the library students are trying to get free seats on the rug and the new rug. 3rd graders have created a reading nook near the poetry section.

- Andre & Owen

A Look Ahead

In kindergarten they will be learning about internet safety.

In 1st grade they will be learning finishing and sharing your slideshows.

In second grade they will be learning about the power of words as they work on their diverse recommendation projects.

In third grade we will vote on our favorite RICBA books and think about the impact of photos shared online.

- Alice, Alivia, AJ

Book Love


RICBA is coming up!Were all very excited to see which book wins. All of the third graders at Primrose Hill school will vote on their favorite book.One of the most popular books is Monster Mayhem.Monster Mayhem is a graphic novel.It was written by Christoper Eliopoulos.Stay tuned to see what book will win!!!

- Anna & Abby


This month we have 323 books overdue.

That's more than last month!That’s not a good thing.

Let's try to decrease.

- Eleanor & Maddie