Greek and Roman contributions

8 things the Greeks and Romans contributed around my house


Both the Greeks and the Romans play a part in the history of mythology. They have the same gods but different moods and attitudes. Back then they thought that everything that happened the gods did to them. Today it shows how the Greeks and Romans worshipped the gods.


Newspapers were invented by the Romans. Back then they used it to inform the public about many things like: battle victories, losses, government information and so on. They were usually written in stone or metal outside the forum or other highly populated places.

Today we have newspapers for the same reasons to discuss important topic as well as sports, comics and celebrity drama. The newspapers today are delivered to our houses or we buy them at certain stands or stores.

Julius calendar

The Julius calendar is like the calander we have today and was invented by the Romans. The calander was used to track what day it is and what month it is. We use it for the same reasons today but since ours is paper we can put what we have to do on that day.


Arches were invented bu the Romans. They were seen almost everywhere in architecture and were extremely important. Today we can barely see them they are mostly in museums and government buildings.

Alarm Clock

The alarm clock was invented by the Greeks. Back then they were used to wake themselfs up after a chosen amount of time. We use it for the same purposes today but we can travel with them because they are portable.


The odometer was invented by the Greeks. It was used to measure distance traveled in a vehicle. Today it is the same thing but it is digital and faster and more accurate.


The Greeks invented medicine. Back then diseases where thought to be the punishment of the gods, but someone named Hippocrates of Cos (hippocratic oath) busted the myth explaining that it was germs in your body. He was known as the father of medicine. Today we use medicine to help get over almost anything you can think of.


Showers were invented by the Greeks. Showers were fed through a pipe and a pump was used, they were installed in gymnasiums for athletes to take cold showers. Today showers serve the same purpose but they can be hot and can turn on with a handle