Leopard Seal

By Jorde


A Leopard Seal has black coated fur and its fur is similar to the famous big cat but the difference is that a leopard seal is more grey/black than the big cat's golden pattern. The leopard seal has very deep skin and also have long slender bodies that weigh around 200 kg -455 kg. Their teeth are 2.5 cm long so they can eat their prey easier. For the leopard seal to swim they use their front flippers .


Leopard seals eat krill, fish, penguins and squid and will eat other small species in the sea. Leopard seals also love eating penguins . For them to kill the penguins they have to trash them on the ground , bite them or use their front claws that they have on the side of their body. Mainly eat shellfish .


The only natural predator of a leopard seal is a killer whale.


Highly dangerous to anyone and people in boats. Attacked a Scottish explorer Gareth Wood and also attacked Thomas Ode-lees.In 2003 a leopard seal dragged Kristy brown in a aggressive way.
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Leopard seals are found in Antarctic waters and sub Antarctic waters