ISIS Beheadings

By Chris Reames

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levent

The terrorist group called Islamic Sate of Iraq and the Levant or better know as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are causing terror in the middle east. Mainly in the area that they want to control so they can have their own country. There is 80,000 people in ISIS which is a lot of people doing very bad things. The main thing they are doing is killing everybody in villigas and town if they are not Islamic. The men and male children are publicly beheaded or killed and the women sold into slavery. They do this in a very orderly fashion as well. A crew of the ISIS soldiers come threw and if you are not Islamic they mark you or you house in some way then the killing group comes threw and kills the marked people. They are the successor to al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is one of the biggest terriost groups ever and one of the most dangerous with people in 8 or more countries. ISIS is lead by a man named Abu Bakr al-Bahhdadi. While under his power they have signifinly grown and devolped with new weapons and many more troops. (
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Beheading of the American Reporters

The Americans have had a very large role in the terrorist group as well. We originally gave Iraq weapons and money then ISIS killed the Iraq soilders and then they got the weapons we gave Iraq. Since ISIS got those weapons they have killed many people and many of them Catholic and Christian They have also killed 2 American reporters. They recorded and sent videos to America of them beheading James Foley and Steven Sotloff. These were sent as warnings to America to stop sending airstrikes. James Foley was killed first as a warning to America but we still kept sending airstrikes, then they killed Steven Sotloff. We think that they still have a American reporter but we are not sure.( and

Obama's Announcment

Barack Obama made a public announcement to America about what we are going to do with ISIS. He stated that when terrorists are threatening America he doesn't care where they are or what they are doing American soldiers will hunt down and kill all of them. He also said that we were going to systematically send airstrikes into Iraq and Syria. We will also send 475 more troops into Iraq which will bring the grand total number of troops in Iraq to 1,700. "Our objective is clear: We will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter terrorism strategy", he said. (

Experiment Summarys

Stanford Prison Experiment- The Stanford prison experiment was when people made an experiment where they took a group of men and they acted like they were in prison so they could see how people act with power. The experiment went well for about 6 hours then things turned south. Eventually the prisoners retaliated and the experiment had to be shut down because of the physical and emotional abuse.

Robbers Cave: Robbers cave was when these people conducted a experiment with 2 groups of 10ish year old boys. The experiment was made to be like a camp but the 2 groups didn't know that there was another. So each group were going on like it was a camp, then the people running the people running the experiment told both groups that there was another group and that the were going to compete against them. That made them not like each other and that led to bulling. They also refused to eat with each other. They were then both told that there was a drinking water shortage and that changed things because they started to work together and didn't bully each other.

Stanley Milgram: In the Stanley Milgram experiment they tested how people acted if a person with power telling them what to do. In the experiment the person of power told them that they had to ask a person who they cant see a question the ask them a question and if they got it wrong the person asking the questions would shock the person (not really) until they got to the last buttons which ment that the person would die if shocked with that many volts. Only a very surprising number of people didn't stop.

Comparison to Stanford Prison Experiment.

I thought that the ISIS terrorist attacks are the most closely related to the Stanford Prison Experiment because ISIS woud be the guards and the civillians are the prisoners. The civillians cant do anything or the guards will hurt them but in this case they will most likely die from being beheaded by ISIS. ISIS also is scary they are powerful and that makes people listen to. them