Mrs. Shearer's 1st Grade Newsflash

October 2, 2016

Daily Tidbits...

This is going to be a quick flash as I am currently sitting in LA waiting for a flight home! I have a few important pieces of information to give you.

HOMEWORK--1st Quarter, I'm not sending home paper phonics or math homework. Please use your evenings to practice the Fry sight words (link below) and read. It is ok to read to your child, but try to encourage them to begin to read the books on their own.

RAZ kids---I will be sending home information this week on how to login to RAZ-kids. RAZ-kids is an online leveled reading program. I have assigned your child's level and they can choose to read or listen to books at their level and take a short quiz. I encourage you to have your child read books on RAZ-kids throughout the week.

What's Been Going On This Week...

  • Reading--This week, we have been busy learning about our schema. Our schema is our background knowledge about the text. We have also learned how our schema grows when we read something new.
  • Phonics/Sight Words: We have been learning about consonant blends...I have noticed many students are struggling with their vowels (a,e,i,o,u) and their short sounds. I'm attaching a youtube video the kids like to listen to. Any extra practice at home would be awesome!
  • Sight words: Fort Osage uses the Fry Sight Word Lists. First grade is expected to master the first 100 words by the END of 1st grade. The link will take you to a website that has printable lists for sight words.

  • Math--We have finished subtraction and will begin learning addition strategies.

  • Writer's Workshop--Next week, we are stepping back a bit and practicing letter formations and sentence structure.

  • Leader in Me--Our habit of the month is habit two...Begin with the end in mind, have a plan!

October 3 to October 7

  • October 3--Art

  • October 4--Music/PE

  • October 5--Library

  • October 6--PE/Music

  • October 7--Art

Upcoming Events

  • October 5--Picture Day
  • Every Thursday we dismiss 30 minutes early at 2:55. :)
2 Vowel Bat kids song by Shari Sloane www kidscount1234 com School is Cool album YouTube