Freak the Mighty

Facing reality

Book Title

Freak the Mighty faces reality in so many ways. This book contains problems in daily life that we all have to face. They deal with so many physical problems that make the characters have scared, happy, or difficult times. An example of this is between Maxwell and Freak ( Kevin ). They both become really good friends and face problems with Blade and his gang.

Conflicts & Outcome - Man vs. Self

This theme is related with Max's life throughout the book. Max faces himself a lot and understands that he does need someone. Through this book Max and Freak become really close, and they start to talk to each other about their life. They help each other when they are in danger or if they are being bullied. Max one night breaks down with so much happiness.

Character's remarks / actions

Kevin deals with his disease and imagines things. He doesn't take it easy, and it is really hard on his daily life. On the other hand, Max is dealing wit his father and is also having a hard time. Max's dad is really a mean person which he is trying to figure out. Once they were talking and Max's dad "sent" him presents. " I bet they never gave you the presents I sent you, did they?" And later, Max finds out that his father never sent anything to him.

Contrasts between characters

Between Max and Freak, they both have different personalities. In some of their problems, one works better for the situation than the other. Another difference is that one is smart and the other might need help on stuff. When they're together, they both accomplish it by working with each other. They both understand each other when they are in trouble.
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