The Leopard Chronicle

by: Amy Ellard and Laurissa Zavala

Leopard's first Fall Festival!

Editorial by Amy Ellard

Why Mrs.Grissom's class elective called HomeEc is Awesome!

Why is her class so cool? You learn to cook, sew , take care of children, and figure out what you want your career to be! It's a very fun and interesting class that anybody should take. You could be on the recycling team or be in the club called FCCLA! Also in 8th grade this is a highschool credit class. Overall it is a very needed class that teaches you real life skills.

Informational article: Leopard Palooza By Amy Ellard

Leopard Palooza was Lakeview's first fall festival! And it was definitely a success. All of Lakeviews clubs each made booths. They had food and drinks , soda ring toss , dart balloons , even FCA sold shirts and did face paintings! But a definite favorite was the dunk tank! Tons of teachers got dunked. From Mrs.Reed to Mr. Lahey teachers and students had fun dunking their most and least favorite teachers! Nothing bundt cakes sold a variety of mini bundt cakes. Free birds sold burritos and nachos.They even had a silent auction featuring paintings and wreath's made by Mrs.Grissom! And to top this great festival off they had a dj and a dancefloor! Im sure no student left this palooza sad!

Political cartoon By: Laurissa Zavala

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