Imagine Dragons

by Jaden and Emma

Band Info

Imagine Dragons is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. the band members are Dan Reynold (singer) Wayne "Wing" Sermon (guitarist) Ben McKee (bassist) Daniel Platzman (drummer). started in 2008. they first television appearance was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2012

songs! (not all of them)

Radio Active (Night Visions)

Demons (Night Visions)

Its Time(Night Visions)

On Top Of The World(Night Visions)

Warriors (Smoke&Mirrors)

Shots (Smoke&Mirrors)

I Bet My Life(Smoke&Mirrors)

Bleeding Out(Night Visions)

Battle Cry(Smoke&Mirrors)


I'm Sorry(Smoke&Mirrors)

Ready Aim Fire


Who We Are


inspired by

Imagine dragons was inspired by the beetles