Parent Information

Central Middle School

Contact Information

School Phone Number: (256) 851-4670

7th Grade Teachers:

Holly Gustafson (Math):

Karli Hill (ELA):

Brian Moon (History & Science):

8th Grade Teachers:

Deana Sanders (History):

Robin McGehee (ELA):

Morgen Perez (Science):

Rachael Brothers (Math):

Student Virtual Learning Expectations

  1. Log in to Schools PLP using your school email and password.
  2. Visit each of your classes in Schools PLP.
  3. Do the bellringer or small assignment provided in Schools PLP for each class in order to be counted as "present" for the day in each of your classes.
  4. Log in to Google Classroom using your school email and password.
  5. Work on your assignments for each of your classes in Google Classroom. Teachers will post assignments on Friday and you have until the following Friday to complete the assignments. You can work at your own pace throughout the week.
  6. Attend Google Meets. Teachers will generate a Google Meet link and share it with you. Please try to attend at least one Meet per week for each class. This will be a question/answer time and extra instruction.
  7. Ask questions and communicate with teachers. Use Email, Google Classroom, or calling the school phone to communicate with your teachers. Teachers will be present at school from 7:30-3:00, Monday-Friday.

7th Grade Google Meet Schedule

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8th Grade Google Meet Schedule

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Student Google Meet Expectations

  1. Please show up at the correct time and stay in the meet for the entire time.

  2. Find a quiet place away from distractions such as TV or pets.

  3. Mute your microphone until you are called on to speak.

  4. If you are called on to speak, unmute your microphone so we can hear you.

  5. If you have a question, put it in the chat.

  6. Keep the chat on topic.

  7. Refrain from chewing gum or eating food during the meet.

  8. If you are using video, please position the camera so we can see your face.

  9. Hang up at the end of the meet.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, August 19th: First day of school and Google Meets begin!
  • Thursday, August 20th from 3-5 pm in car rider line: Purchased yearbook pickup

Information on School Breakfasts and Lunches

*Beginning August 19, Central School will provide meals on Monday-Friday for pick-up between 11:00-12:00 at the school. Meals will be picked up at the end of the car-rider line at the back of the new cafeteria.

*Students will receive a lunch and a breakfast (for the next morning) and will be charged according to their eligibility (free, reduced or full price). Prices for meals are:

● Reduced: Breakfast ($.30), Lunch ($.40)

● Full Price PK-8: Breakfast ($1.75), Lunch ($2.50)

*Paying students are strongly encouraged to utilize PayPams payment service to avoid cash exchanges. We are not able to provide change if paying by cash.

*Free and reduced meal forms must be completed within the first 30 days of school in order to continue receiving these fees.

*The school menu and order form will be provided weekly to students via class communication.

For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Burns (School Counselor) @ 256-851-4670 or

A Note from our PE Teachers

PE Google Meets

PE will have a Google Meet from 8-10 every day. To join their Google Meets, follow the directions below to join their Google Classrooms:

Coach Hunter will meet with all girls with the Google Classroom code: c6njccp

Coach Moon will meet with all boys with the Google Classroom code: fqgj2oy

This is optional, but allows students to ask questions and communicate with their PE teachers.

Band Interest Form

If your child is interested in joining the Middle School Band, please fill out the form below: