Keeping Up With The Kennedy

March 29, 2020- Issue 28


Good evening everyone,

I hope everyone had a successful Week 1 adjusting to our new remote learning. I have been visiting Google Classrooms daily and the teachers have been PAWSOME. They have been working hard to provide your students with the best resources and learning opportunities possible. I have enjoyed viewing the read alouds, checking out pictures, and seeing all the comments from students.

We will continue to do everything possible to meets the needs of families and students. We also want to take this opportunity to remind our parents and students of our school norms and expectations for our interactions in person, while in school, and also for our interactions online. Please see below.

JFK School Norms and Expectations for Remote Learning

As we prepare for the additional days of online interactions through May 4, 2020, we want to take this opportunity to remind our parents and students of our school norms and expectations for our interactions in person while in school and also for our interactions online.

The JFK holds four, shared core values:

  • Academic Excellence and Rigor

  • Inclusive Community

  • Respectful and Responsible Relationships

  • Continuous Improvement

In addition, our school norms are reflected through our PAWSOME Expectations.





It is important for all students to remember that on-line learning is still a classroom, and certain behaviors are expected when communicating with teachers and classmates as outlined in our JFK Expectations and the Canton Public Schools Responsible Use Policy. Students should conduct themselves according to the following norms during video conferences:

  • Don’t audio record, video record, or take pictures/screenshots while in a videoconference; MA law requires consent from all parties before doing any of these things.

  • Find a quiet place to join and stay there. Don’t walk around.

  • School rules apply: Be respectful. Dress appropriately. Be kind.

  • Be focused on learning. Don’t play games, watch videos or surf the web.

  • Mute your microphone unless you are speaking.

  • Try not to speak over one another: to get the teacher’s attention, you can raise your hand on screen or say “I have a question” in the chat if the teacher doesn’t see you.

Holding ourselves accountable to these norms and expectations will allow all participants to virtually engage safely and responsibly. We thank all parents/guardians, students, and staff for their attention to these important norms and expectations and appreciate your flexibility and patience as we all engage together through remote and online platforms!

Here are some more pictures of what teachers and families have been doing while home. We would love to see what you are doing. Send a picture and we will include it in the next Update.

Be sure to scroll down to see our March Madness event and Notes from the Nurse. Stay safe and healthy.

Christine McMahon

The Mann Family

Kayleigh has been doing a book club with her Nana (a retired elementary teacher) and they meet on facetime to chat about the book. Brendan and Kayleigh have been enjoying lots of outdoor time and basketball on our backyard court. Kayleigh also arranged her own "snowflake dance" at home. She sent dad an invite, she decorated and even made a playlist for the special occasion!

The Gerst Family

Charlotte and Hugo are on the Cranberry Bog trail at the Bass Pro Shop last week. They found a turtle in the trail. They kept our 4 month old puppy Zeke back to keep the title safe!
Big picture

Mrs. Alyward

Mrs. Aylward and her children have been busy painting, going for walks, and playing dress up.

Mrs. Davidson

if you know Mrs. Davidson, she has been doing a lot of baking...and eating.
Big picture

Miss Donaghey

Miss Donaghey has been going on lots of walks and spending time with her niece Adeline.
Big picture

Mrs. Banks

Mrs. Banks and her family have included baking into their weekly schedule.

March Madness

It's Baaaaack!

Picture Book March Madness 2020!

Let's see which picture book JFK kids like best! Read and vote online!

Will Make Way for Ducklings win again?

Click on the JFK Library webpage for more info here

Notes from the Nurse

If you or your child uses an EpiPen 0.3mg, EpiPen Jr 0.15mg, or the authorized generic versions, please read the following alert from the FDA.

Hello JFK Families!

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and safe. I am having “virtual office hours” every day from 9-10am Monday- Friday. Please feel free to contact me at for health questions, consultations, or just to connect! During this hour, I will promptly respond to email correspondence and plan to answer all correspondence within 24 hours.

I miss the students very much. Please let them know I care about them and I am looking forward to seeing them when we get back to JFK! Tell them Nurse Stenmon is reminding them to wash their hands well, eat their rainbow of foods, drink lots of water and get some fresh air and exercise everyday, and above all else, stay well!

I am making every effort to extend continued support during this period and I look forward to helping in any way I can! Please know I am thinking of each and every one of our JFK families and wishing you all health and safety as we work together to get through these uncharted waters. Stay well and reach out to me as needed! Take care.

Ellen Stenmon M.Ed, BSN, RN

JFK School Nurse