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What is the Size of the Country's area?

The area of Canada is a total of 9,984,670 sq km

Canada is slightly larger than the US

Canada is the World's largest country that borders only one country

second-largest country in world (after Russia)

* The area affects the power of Canada by: more land = more power

What is the population of Canada?

  • The population dating from 2013, is 35,158,300

  • Estimated 2014 Population growth rate- 0.76% (2014 est.)

  • The estimated population per sq. mile is at 3.79 people per sq. mile

  • * The population of Canada helps influence the amount of power by producing more money and a bigger army.

How well educated and united is Canada?

  • As of 2014, Canada now has the second-highest rate of high school completion and the highest rate of college completion among its peers.

  • Canada produces relatively few graduates with PhDs and graduates in science, math, computer science, and engineering.

  • Canada’s ranking on income per capita dropped from sixth position among comparator countries in 2000 to eighth in 2008, and remained there through 2012.

  • * The importance of education in Canada produces the amount of power the economy will make do to smart decisions/choices.
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the above graph shows the percentage of Gross Domestic Product

How Large and well-equipped are its armed forces?

  • There are about 400k soldiers in the Canadian military.

  • Canadian Forces: Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada Command

  • male: 218,069

    female: 206,195 (2010 est.)

  • 17 years of age for voluntary male and female military service (with parental consent

  • The Armed Forces influence the power of Canada by having a stronger and stable protection of enemies.
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What are the country's land features?

  • mountains,
  • prairies,
  • rugged coastline,
  • taiga,
  • tundra,
  • Arctic desert,
  • rain forest in the Queen Charlotte islands,

  • * The importance of the land features to the power: is more resources available.

How productive is Canada's economy?

  • Canada resembles the US in its market-oriented economic system, pattern of production, and high living standards.
  • Canada now ranks third in the world in proved oil reserves behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
  • Industries:transportation equipment, chemicals, processed and unprocessed minerals, food products, wood and paper products, fish products, petroleum and natural gas
  • Labor force = 19.08 million (2013 est.)
  • *The importance of obtaining a strong economy is more money=more power.