EE Oliver Elementary

April 2021 Newsletter

From our principal

Is Spring here? I think it is!! The smiling faces and running on the playground is a sure sign that winter has ended. Spring brings with it a renewed sense of optimism and wellness. Student wellness contributes to the ability of children to learn and be the best that they can be. It is never too early to adopt positive lifestyle attitudes. Attitudes which we encourage at school. We not only academically educate our students, but strive to support and guide overall health and well-being by creating a safe environment and respecting individual talents and needs.

We are fortunate to have a caring staff at E.E.Oliver who encourage students to be the best that they can be. We have daily physical education and opportunity for fresh air and activity at recess. We focus on student emotional regulation and encourage healthy food choices with our breakfast and soup program. Our I coaches work with students who have academic, emotional and medical concerns. Connie Kramer, our family liaison worker, promotes positive mental health at school by working with classes as well as small groups, and individuals who benefit from extra support.

If your child requires specialized services to support their educational needs, we also have a referral process through classroom teachers or school based I coaches to access service from speech language pathology, occupational and physical therapy, educational psychology, deaf and hard of hearing and vision specialists. Our school division also has social workers who provide one-on-one support for students if needed and requested by parents or caregivers.

During the week of May 3rd to 7th, we will be celebrating Education Week and Mental Health Week with a variety of fun school activities to promote our community, and healthy living. Included are: Dress As Your Future Career Day, Wearing Blue (our school colour), Hats on for Mental Health, Celebrating Our First Teachers (Parents), and using a wellness choice board. Students will also be creating a gratitude rock garden, making classroom word clouds and exploring the world of emojis. Be sure to check our facebook page and your child’s classroom communication documents to find out more about these events.

The wellness of the whole child and their families is important to the E.E.O community. Let us know if we can help with your child’s health. Wishing you all warm weather, happy hearts and an extra bounce in your step! “Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” — Doug Larson.

Take care of yourself and those around you,

Ms. Krol

From our Superintendent - Wellness in Peace River School Division

In order for us to learn and be our best, we must feel and be well. Educational research supports this connection and we take this very seriously. We feel we have a great opportunity to not only academically educate our students, but to support, guide, and teach them to honour their overall health and well-being.

To support wellness on a school level in the division, every PRSD school has a designated Youth Education Support Worker, Success Coach or a Family Liaison Worker. The role of PRSD’s Youth Education Support Workers, Success Coaches and our Family Liaison Worker is to promote positive mental health in children, youth and families while working closely with school staff. This ranges from presentations, activities and programming that supports problem solving, emotional management, targeted topics, skills for learning, adolescent empowerment, healthy relationships, mindfulness, teamwork and leadership. PRSD also has three divisional Social Workers that provide one-on-one support to students in need.

We also encourage and support our students to be leaders, involved in the community and work together as a team - attributes that serve and inspire our students, communities and society as a whole. Students are also provided with opportunities to represent their school through various committees such as PRSD’s Student Engagement Teams and PRSD’s Anti-racism Committee.

Healthy eating and active living are important components to health and wellness and we support this through ongoing education, encouraging healthy canteen and vending machine choices, and by providing a broad range of physical education activities in the division.

In closing, I would like to thank all our students, families and staff who completed the Student Mental Health and Wellness Survey sent to students in grades 7-12, parents and staff in early February. The data is currently being reviewed and will be presented to the board of trustees on March 25, 2021 and will be shared with the public shortly after. The data collected from the survey will be used to leverage the board’s advocacy efforts to impact positive change to support students and families in having access to the supports and services they need.

Paul Bennett,
PRSD Superintendent of Schools

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Celebrating Education Week & Mental Health Week

May 3 - 7 is going to be a busy week this year!

We will be celebrating both Education Week & Mental health week with a variety of activities!

Wednesday, May 5th we will all have "Hats on for Mental Health" & wear green.

Thursday, May 6th please wear our school colour blue to celebrate us!! We will also celebrate our students first teachers - their parents - with a drive thru coffee & muffin morning!!

Friday, May 7th we encourage all students to dress as "What career I want when I grow up"

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Grade 4 making Ukrainian Eggs

Our grade 4 students were very lucky to have Doreen Verschoor come and teach them how to make Ukrainian eggs. There were so many beautiful designs with the students learning more art techniques. Thanks Doreen!
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Paper Crafts with Mrs. Lentz

School was very busy in the days leading up to Easter break thanks to Mrs. Lentz.

She came in for 3 days to teach our students some paper crafting.

Check out some of the creations!

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Music Alive!!

On Monday, March 29th students in grades 3 to 6 were able to attend a virtual workshop on First Nations Music and Culture with Walter MacDonald White Bear (facilitated through the National Art Center). It was such a good experience for the students and Walter is an amazing presenter!

4H commented:

"We enjoyed the music. We liked the guitar and flute. We have not seen a flute like that before. We enjoyed the 'Twin Wars' song. We wish we had more time for you to tell us about your culture and we wish we had more questions. It was cool how all the songs told stories

6G says "It was interesting to see and hear the flutes, especially the double one.

His equipment made it sound like he had a whole group of people playing and singing with him."

4PS commented

"Our class enjoyed the flutes, guitar, medicine wheel, Mother Nature, the eagle feather, and the magpie song. We all thought he was multi-talented because he could use so many instruments and the effects he added."
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Oobleck for 2L

On Dr. Seuss Day, Miss Lazorko's grade 2 class read the book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck", then made their own awesome slime!!

It was so much fun to get a little dirty!!

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Eagle Award Winner Blake Benjamin

Easter Hats Galore!!

This year we had our very first Easter Hat Day!

It was so fun and great to see so many people get into the Easter spirit.

I am pretty sure we need to do it again next year!!

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Wildlife Safety

Spring time is rapidly approaching and everyone will be getting out into the sunshine! Wildlife activity will also be on the increase as they search for food after a long winter. Scented items including food containers, trash, cookware, toiletries and lotions can all be attractants for wild animals. Often adult wildlife will have their offspring with them. This can create an even greater hazard as they will look to protect their young from all perceived threats. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and be making noise to announce your presence. If there is wildlife in the area, space and time should be given to leave the area and avoid any possible conflicts with them.

The Peace River School Division, recognizes that many of our schools have encounters with wildlife. When an encounter occurs the schools go into a hold and secure situation where all students and staff are called into the school. The children go on with their day but remain indoors until the principal gives the all clear and students are again allowed outside for their activities.

For more information on wildlife please follow the attached link provided by Alberta Fish and Wildlife:

David Smith

Safety & Wellness Coordinator

Important Dates


20th - T/Th Kindergarten grad pictures

21st - W/F Kindergarten grad pictures

22nd - Hot Lunch - Butter Chicken Burgers

26th - Free Hot Lunch - Grilled Cheese

27th - Kindergarten - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

28th - Kindergarten & Gr. 2 - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

29th - Hot Lunch - Subway


3rd - NO SCHOOL - PD Day

5th - Grade 3 - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

5th - Hats on for Mental Health

5th - Wear Green for Mental Health

6th - Wear blue for EEO

6th - Drive thru coffee & muffins for parents at school drop off

6th - Hot Lunch - Grandma Pizza

7th - Dress as your future career

10th - Free Hot Lunch - Hot Dogs

12th - Grade 4 - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

13th - Hot Lunch - Butter Chicken Burgers

14th - Crazy Hair Day

17th - Free Hot Lunch - Grilled Cheese

19th - Grade 5 - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

20th - Hot Lunch - Subway

21st - NO SCHOOL - Victoria Day Weekend

24th - NO SCHOOL - Victoria Day Weekend

26th - Grade 6 - Free Dairy Queen Lunch

27th - Hot Lunch - Grandma Pizza

31st - Free Hot Lunch - Hot Dogs

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