Shepton Renovation Update

April 5, 2017

Shepton High School Renovation and Construction: What to Expect

Construction begins this month for Shepton High School’s major renovation, which was approved as part of Plano ISD’s 2016 Bond Election. The design will consist of approximately 28,000 square feet of addition and includes renovation of most of the school’s existing footprint.

Renovations include enlarging existing classrooms, improving circulation, remodeling and expanding the kitchen, enclosing and improving the acoustics of the cafetorium, providing new finishes (flooring, paint and tile) throughout the building, improving athletic locker room spaces, addressing major building systems (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) and installing a new roof.

When will construction start and how long will it last?

Construction is slated to start early this month, with a completion date in August 2018.

What will the presence of a construction crew look like on campus?

Due to the overall size and scope of the project, construction will be completed in phases, which means the contractor will take over an area of the building, renovate it, then release it back to the campus upon completion before moving on to another area.

Phasing will provide the contractor with a substantial area to work, completely isolated from students and staff, while maintaining the everyday functions of the campus.

The contractor will start mobilizing onsite this month. The crew will begin fencing off construction areas, making sure to provide clear separation between contractors and students as required by law.

The contractor area will be located on the north side of the building and include a job trailer and parking for workers.

Will any indoor or outdoor spaces be unavailable during construction?

Since the contractor will need an area to work within the building, thirty-two temporary portable classrooms will be provided, along with restroom trailers. The portables will be located on the football field. The district has arranged with the City of Plano to use the adjacent fields for physical education classes, athletics and band.

The contractor will begin the new construction (additions) first, which can be started without having to displace students right away. Because of the addition at the front of the school, the main entry of the building will be temporarily relocated.

The administrative suite will remain operational, but the new entrance will be staffed by someone who can receive visitors per safety protocols, and direct them to the administrative offices.

What is the timeline for the construction phases?

In the attached phasing plan, you will see that additions A, G and H, and renovation area B will be under construction from June through December 2017, allowing the contractor to turn the entire front side of the building back over to the school after Winter Break 2017. From there, the construction will move to the back of the campus, working on areas D and F, and eventually completing area C during summer 2018.

Thank you for your patience!

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make some exciting upgrades to our school. For your convenience, we will provide project updates as information becomes available, with emphasis on sharing which areas of the campus will be closed for construction and for how long.