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Distance Learning Updates and Announcements, 9/4

A Message from Principal Ghereben

It was wonderful seeing our first PTA meeting so well ended this week! If you have not joined the PTA yet, please do! Links will be provided below for more information about how to get actively involved in our school community.

Just some reminders.......Please reinforce online etiquette with your students. Our anti-bullying rules and policies are still relevant and during this time of increased stress for everyone, we want to make sure that our virtual classrooms are safe places to learn. The synchronous time should be viewed the same as in class instruction. Allow your child to develop independence in their learning and make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Any discussion that you would like to have with your child’s teacher, should be done at a pre-arranged time; not during synchronous instructional time. Please confirm with teachers of when they will be holding their office hours.

Continue to read below. There are lots of updates and announcements, plus some technology tips and advice on how to navigate Google Classroom on your phone, and the DL Science Program.

Always in Partnership,

Heather Ghereben

Proctor Principal

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Here's the Latest Library News from our School Librarian, Ms. Bremer!

Please follow this link to Ms. Bremer's Smore page! News about the Proctor School Library opening, and how to access free online E-books and Audio Books!

CVUSD/Proctor Science in a Nutshell:

As mentioned before, we are always working to better our Distance Learning instruction. This is all new to everybody, and teachers are working very hard to develop and deliver curriculum that is engaging and rigorous. It is crucial to this development that you all reach out to your specialist class teachers directly (PE, Science, Counseling) to answer your questions, or respond to your concerns. If they don't know what your needs are, they won't be able to help! Thank you always for your patience!

Contact information for each of your specialist teachers:

Proctor PE Teacher, Sharon Carlos:, and

Chris Kralj:

K-3 Science Teacher, Charles Reynes:

4th/5th Science Teacher, Lynne Foy-Couche:

Here are some help videos for the Science Playlists:

Website link:

How to log onto TCI:

K-1 How to Work Through a Playlist:

How to Work Through a Playlist:

CVUSD K-5 Science in a Nutshell:

Got too Much Mail?

TIPS for managing all those emails and links:

● Please check your STUDENT’S email FIRST! Most links and

passwords have been emailed to your student.

● Clean out your child’s Inbox weekly. Keep the emails that have links

you will be using over and over again.

● Log in to Google Classroom and check the Stream and Classwork.

Most teachers have a section at the top just for links.

● If you’re video keeps getting dropped, try these tips from our IT


■ Too many windows/tabs/extensions/add-ons. Too many of

these will slow the Chromebook down.

○ Solution: Close down all tabs to maximize

processor for Meet/Zoom.

■ Not enough upload Bandwidth for home internet. Video

conferencing requires data upload bandwidth which often will

stretch and max home internet connections - drops students

from calls.

Solution: Increase home internet plans

■ “My laptop (or Macbook) operates fine, why not the


Solution: Full powered laptops are built with

better parts that will handle video conferencing.

Students can use their personal devices for

video conferencing, and CVUSD devices for

non-video conferencing work.

Google Classroom App!

Did you know you can download your child's Google Classroom onto your smartphone?

It's Easy!! Just go to your phone's app store and type Google Classroom, then click download! You can use your child's school login to sign-in just as you would on a laptop or desktop computer!

See the tutorial below if you need help doing this!

Google Classroom App: Download and Login
Use Notes on Your iPhone to Quickly Scan Documents

Additional Tech Support Provided by CVUSD!

We are Here for You!

Please use the CVUSD Technology Website (*new and still updating). This page has information for Google Account info, Chromebook FAQ, and Parent/Student Tech Support Request.

Having a Problem? Use the Parent/Student Technology Support Request Form

CVUSD Distance Learning Resources for Families - Sign up for Parent Webinar Training

Read through this Google Meets Blog to see the most recent Google Meets updates to support Distance Learning. We are still waiting for new features to open up in Google.

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Get and Stay Connected with Your School Community!

Get and stay connected! Join the PTA, and be an active participant in making Proctor Elementary the great school it has become! There are still many classrooms without a Room Rep! Please contact tour classroom teacher, or the PTA Board if you are interested!

Check out their new website!

Next PTA Association Meeting October 6, 2020 at 6:30pm.


To attend the meeting by video conference, please click on the LINK below:

Click here to Join the PTA!

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