Manifest Destiny

By: Taylor Bond

The Idea

Manifest Destiny believers wanted all the land from the east coast to the west coast of America. This was thought of as a way to extend the freedom and liberty of being an american to new places. White people also wanted to be the "superior race" and by ruling the continent, they felt it would come true. They saw other races such as Mexicans, indians, and others were unfit.
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The Effect

This could have been considered one of the causes of the civil war as well, because the south was receiving another way to spread slavery with the more land they would be getting.

Mexicans would fight for their land, and the US- Mexican War would be hard for the americans. This war would also prove the americans moral character, because they treated civilized indians as savages and with disrespect. continually making them leave their land and move more west. The americans even said they were benefitting the indians by moving them, because they "did not belong" in the east.