September 12, 2013


PGD: Short Term Goals

  • Each day, students write a daily goal and then write an evaluation whether the goal was met. Students also rate their individual progress on a scale of 1- 5 in four areas: math, topic study, theme study, and science. The areas rated are: persistence, on-task behavior and good thinking. We will share these goal sheets at conferences. I met with each student at the end of the day to look over their goal sheet and provide feedback.
  • We have one more week to finish a drawing for our class symbol/slogan contest "We hunt for success."

Critical Thinking:

  • We were introduced to the word –precision! We watched an precision video and used the word throughout the day! I tried my hand at new technology! Here is a link to our video: PRECISION

Creativity: Today we planned out each clip for our visual word puzzle filming next week.


  • We reviewed databases vs. the world wide web ---ask your child if he/she remembers the analogy we used! (Hint –ocean). We also discussed questions we need to ask to protect ourselves in the world wide web (ocean). Our purpose today: To learn how to search for truth in the Internet.
  • Today we built background knowledge on possible humanitarians to study --- students looked at websites and books and took notes highlighting each person's or organization's impact on humanity.

Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Today we added to our Padlet. This tool will help the students take notes in topic study. Your child can access his/her pad from home. Students did a great job taking notes on their topic. Everyone is so focused!
  • Math: We solved math problems! Everyone worked hard! We have a great math group!
  • Science: We learned about parallel and series circuits. Students built an example of each and then described what happens when one component is removed in a series circuit and what happens when one component is removed in a parallel circuit.



  • If you child would like to draw the symbol and slogan for our class --- he/she should complete a drawing on a sheet of white paper. The picture should include the symbol and the slogan. We will vote next week!