Rigor, Relevance and Relationships

February, 2022 Edition

A note from Associate Principal, Mrs. Pethtel

Hello SSAE families,

Happy February! Our students are settling well into the 2nd semester. We have seen an uptick in the number of students who are absent due to illness, and we do appreciate your diligence in keeping your students home when they are sick. We will have a real taste of winter this week with snow and very cold temperatures, so please keep an eye out for possible delays or closing notifications from D49. Please review our Inclement Weather Policy- SSAE for detailed information regarding how we handle delays and cancellations. The district has changed the February Pro Day for staff from February 18th to February 28th. Therefore, we will keep our Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, February 18th, as originally scheduled, so students will not be attending interventions on this day. Detailed information from your students’ teachers on how to sign up for conferences will be coming soon. Since Monday, February 28th, will now be a D49 Pro Day for staff; students will not be attending school in the building on this day. Please stay warm, safe, and healthy!

Thank you for your continued support,

Amanda Pethtel

Associate Principal

SSAE Intent to Return

During this time of year, our school will need to gather intent to return information for our current students and give you a way to update your information quickly. Getting this information from our SSAE families helps our school better prepare for the upcoming school year and plan class sizes and staffing needs. This D49/SSAE - Intent to Return Survey is now available electronically through the PowerSchool Parent Portal account by either accessing your Parent Portal Account on a desktop computer or the Parent Portal Mobile App (not the D49 App).

Accessing Ecollect Forms via the Parent Portal Mobile App

Here are the instructions for the Parent Portal Mobile App. It will guide you to the forms page, where you will be able to put in your child's absence. You will also be able to fill out the annual health form here instead of the paper copy at the beginning of each year.

Spotlight Yeti of the Month- January 2022

We are pleased to announce an outstanding list of student nominees for our campus Yeti of the Month for January. The following students have received nominations for Yeti of the Month through their peers and/or teachers. Please join us in recognizing these outstanding nominees. Nominees, you are making a difference, and your fellow classmates and teachers have taken notice! Thank you for all the positive things you are doing for The Campus. Keep up the fantastic work! We are very proud of you and all of your achievements! Whether you receive the official title or not, your nomination means a great deal and means you are already on the path to greatness.

Sydney Herman, Sam Berry, Elle Sullivan, Emily Gue, Lauren Howell, Kadence Lee, Aubrey Chapman, Brynn Chapman, Soze Darwish, Jayden Kolhouse, Erin, Nunamaker, Xander Reyes, Lori Aldrich, Kendra Greathouse, Kasey Geiersbach,Nik Pramberg, Baise Becker, Megan O’Neal, Grant Schupp, Jillian Kramer, Avagail Phillips, Katelyn Valdez, David Chumbley, Caydon Howard, Grace McIntosh, Alexis Doyle, Dylan Christiansen

President's Day - February 21st

No school - The school will be closed

Coffee with the Campus Principals

We want to invite parents to join us for Campus Coffee with the Principals. A relaxed setting to have conversations about the campus. We would love for you to bring questions, concerns, or suggestions to our meeting. Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 11th at 7:30 am.


Middle School Pizza with the Principal

Hi Students! The next Middle School Pizza with the Principal is Thursday, January 13th at 12:15 pm. If you would like to attend, please sign up below. This is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas or concerns about SSAE.


High School Pizza with the Campus Principals

The next Pizza with the Campus Principals for High School is Wednesday, January 19th at 11:55 am. HS students, if you are interested in attending, please sign up below.


Teacher Professional Development Days

The building will be closed on the following days:

February 28th

March 18th

May 13th

Snow Day/2-hour Delay Information

Campus Families,

Good Morning. I wasn't sure when or if we would need to send out this email because Colorado weather has been so mild this year. Due to some changes at the district level, we have refined our campus's Inclement Weather Policies. The policy is updated for both SSAE and PPEC and is located on each school's website. I have included links for families to review and bookmark if we shift in our weather patterns and start acting more like Colorado weather.

SSAE Inclement Weather Link

PPEC Inclement Weather Link

Additionally, as colder weather approaches, be aware that the earliest we will guarantee a licensed staff will be on campus is 7:15 am. Please know that we never leave students out in the cold, but occasionally we have off-campus meetings, and there may not be someone on campus until 7:15. I am an early riser, so it is rarely an issue. We usually have licensed staff on campus before 7:15 am. Our custodians and hourly employees, such as secretarial, health care, and support coaches, cannot supervise students without licensed staff on campus. Thank you for understanding and being proactive to ensure that all students are safe every morning. As always, please let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day.

Springs Studio Calendar of Events

Be sure to check back here regularly, as we are always adding events to the calendar