The native american populations

by:Serenity Clement

Anasazi(ancestors of pueblo)500-1200 AD

  • He constructed dams,ditches,and canales to trap rain from tops of mesa and channel to gardens on the canyon floor
  • his house was made of adobe and stone , it was a multi-storied, apartment-like structure that lived along walls of cliffs or large plazas
  • He was the heart of civilization in chaco canyon and was Pueblo Bonito where there was a massive complex of more than 1000 people
  • From Pueblo Bonito they built roads for trading networks
  • craftsmen made turquoise jewelry, woven baskets,(black on white)pottery
  • heavily influenced art and architecture of late groups such as Hopi and Zuni (two of the largest Pueblo groups today)
  • it was probably left from droughts

Adena(colectivley known as the eastern woodlands people)

  • He lived