LV Technology

By : Grace Marek

Typing Web

  • Every other day we come to technology, we start out with a five minute typing warm up
  • It is used to teach you how to use the keyboard correctly
  • You have to be able to finish the intermediate course by the first quarter to get a 4
  • You have to be done with the advanced course by the end of the Second quarter to get a 4
  • There are 4 courses, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Practice
  • You will find this website in Mrs. Meyers symbaloo


  • In the Second quarter you are told to make an iTrailer
  • In the iTrailer you can do whatever kind of topic you want, for example, "A Day At The Peter's House."
  • You are not able to use photos from the web, only pictures you take
  • A iTrailer is on an app called iMovie that is in your self service
  • You had the choice of presenting or not

Haiku Deck

  • You have to make a presentation of what career you are planning to have
  • This mixes in with Career Locker and your choice of career
  • You information had to be from Career Locker
  • You could use pictures from the internet
  • You are supposed to have at least ten slides
  • Talk about what you would do at the job and how much tuition costs for college
  • Tell what college you would go to and what kinds of classes you would be in

Explain Everything

  • You are to go on schoology and look at the math problems
  • Pick one Math Problem and create an Explain Everything
  • The least slides you can do is 2 slides
  • On one of the slides you have to say what the math problem is
  • The second slide you have to do to the math and state the answer
  • Submit it on schoology is the last step

Career Locker

  • Mrs. VandenBoogaard would ask you to pick two careers that interest you
  • You will have to pick one of the two careers that you are interested in the most
  • There is certain places you have to go to get to a career
  • In this, you have to search for stuff like, tuition costs and classes you have to go through
  • This also ties in with Haiku Deck


  • Coding is a sight that you have to go on for a while during the school year
  • On this, you have to make codes
  • Some of the games you can code are Planets vs. Zombies, Flappy Bird and etc.
  • You have to be at a certain level to get a 4 by the end of the first quarter
  • This can be a fun sight to go on if you know what you're doing