Nazareth College's Electronic Survey Design Tool

Welcome to the new Qualtrics!

Qualtrics is a free tool available for all faculty, staff, and students at Nazareth College, used to design, distribute, and analyze results from an electronic survey or questionnaire.

The new Qualtrics Insight Platform is a solution to better connect survey data and drive outcomes. The upgrade, effective June 13, 2016, features a new layout and design to help simplify and streamline workflow.

There are also many new features added to the system that enhance survey design, distribution, and reporting--including new question types and data visualization options!

Click here to visit the Qualtrics support site for the new interface. There, you will find a detailed overview of all the new features and changes. Or, keep reading for a quick highlight of the updates.

The June 2016 upgrade to Qualtrics includes some of the following new features and changes.

New Features!

> A new, streamlined interface

> At-a-glance project metrics

> Drag and drop folders for better organization

>Two new question types: Highlight & Signature

> Text response analytics & advanced filtering options for reporting...and much more!

What's Different?

> My Projects landing page replaces the old My Surveys tab-- video summary here!

> Survey tab replaces the Edit Survey page--video summary here!

> Distribute Survey tab is gone, replaced by the Distributions page with a completely new process for distributing surveys--video summary here!

> Data & Analysis and Reports pages replace the old View Results tab--video summary here!

Interested in using Qualtrics?

Every faculty, staff, and student at Naz has a Qualtrics account available for their use.

Check out the Nazareth College Qualtrics information page in order to request an account upgrade and get started!