Welcome to Amherstburg

A great place to go


The town of Amherstburg is a wonderful place to live. It is the safest town in Canada. Amherstburg has a population of 21,556 people. Since 2006 the mayor of Amherstburg is Wayne Hurst. Amherstbrug has many beautiful tourist attractions and is a great place to raise a family.

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Take Stroll Downtown Amherstburg

Dalhousie Street in downtown Amherstburg, is a good stop for tourists. Some good stops on Dalhousie Street include The Park House, where visitors can make some old fashion crafts or maple syrup treats. There are some great restaurants including The Dalhousie Bistro, The Waterfront Ice Cream Parlour and Ricardo's Italian Restaurant. Down the road there is the Canadian Legion, Duffy's Tavern and Lord Amherst. There are plenty of restaurants for just adults or families.

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