Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg

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Early Life

Ruth Joan Bader was born on March 15, 1933 in Brooklyn, NY. Her father was a furrier during the great depression, but her mother was the one who really influenced her. Even know her mother worked at a garment factory and they were a lower class family, her mother embraced and encouraged her and her brothers education even at the cost of her own. Ruth's mother died from cancer the day before Ruth's graduation. Ruth went to high school at James Madison in Brooklyn and was one of the top students in her class. She went to college at Cornell University and graduated at the top of her class in 1954 while working full time. Ruth got her degree in government and Also that year got married to Martin Ginsburg

Joining the fight

In 1955 Ruth gave birth to her first daughter, Jane Ginsburg. Later that year Martin was drafted by the military, two years later when he returned Ruth enrolled in Harvard Law. Over the next year Martin got testicular cancer, so Ruth was not only at the top of her class but she was taking care of her daughter and taking care of her husband. She even earned her way into Harvard Law Review. Martin got better and graduated from Harvard but Ruth still had one year left when her husband excepted a Job in New York. Ginsburg transferred to Columbia Law and graduated at the top of her class in 1959. Ruth became a clerk under Judge Edmond L. Palmieri. She did that for two years and then went to study Civil Procedure in Sweden, upon her return to the U.S she became a professor at Rutgers University. She taught Law until she accepted job at Columbia Law school in 1972, Ruth was the first female to get tenured at Columbia. Ruth believed that the Law was only in favor of males and she had the drive to change that. She directed the Women's Rights Project of the American Civil Liberty Union in the 70's, This position started a title wave of Supreme Court battles. She was not one sided, one of the court cases she argued is that widowers should get social security as well as widows. That case is called Califano v.s. Goldberg.

Ruthless ruth

Califano v.s. Goldberg and 5 other cases set her on the path to becoming a Judge. In 1980 President Carter appointed Ruth to the U.S. Court of appeals and then in 1993 Bill Clinton appointed her to the Supreme Court. Her first case was United State v.s. the state of Virginia. She has also been involved in Kentucky v.s. King which was when police officers thought a drug seller entered an apartment. He was wrong, Police announced themselves to those into the apartment and heard noise. The police assumed that the suspect was attempting to dispose of the drugs and proceeded to enter. Instead of finding the suspect inside the police found several men smoking weed. The defenders of the men claimed it was an illegal search. Ruth said that the 4th amendment must be upheld and that the police officers had no warrant to search that apartment