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Their lives will be colored by you!

“Their lives will be colored by you!” was the volunteering project of Talentum Foundation in Szeged, Hungary. Besides, it was my first project that I had attended with European Voluntary Service (EVS). The Project took place from 01/04/2017 (Apr 1st , 2017) to 31/05/2017 (May 31st ,2017). I can easily say that it was the turning point of my life. First of all, Szeged was a very beautiful and charming city. Everywhere was green and full of trees. People were so kind. I know a lot of people from different countries and different cultures now. I had lived with an Italian home mate for two months. It was a big step for me. Because ı was in abroad first time and ı was living with a foreigner. But, in a very short time, I realized it was not difficult. Because she was very excited like me and also she was so kind.

However, I had the chance to introduce my own country. The First Intercultural Night, we introduce our own countries, was very important and excited. In that night, ı made a presentation firstly. After general information about Turkey, I introduced the musical instrument Erbane. Everybody liked it and after presentation ı continued to play Erbane. After all, the traditional dishes, we prepared, were quite good. Especially, Turkish dishes were found desirable by people.

In project period, we had worked both inside and outside the office. The main tasks were planning and executing different types of activities involving painting events, singing and handcrafting in kindergartens and elderly’s house. Especially, painting events were quite fun. I had improved my painting skills and we could communicate with children.

Besides, the project involved administrative work such as writing blog, preparing presentations and using non-formal learning methods during promotional events. In this way, my ability to use computers had increased and ı overcame my fear about talking in front of the crowds. Above all, the most important thing was the friendships for me. I will never forget our common fun with other volunteers. I know that our friendship will continue…

As a result, the meaning of this project is good memories, useful experiences and sincere friendships for me. And my life was colored by them!


YOUTH 4 PEACE programme was really good. It was in Bulgaria, Bansko, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. Everything was better than my expectations. Bansko was really cute city. I Learnt many things. I understood that almost every country has same conflicts. We discussed much. We tried to find solutions for those conflicts. It improved my debating skill and English. I made many friends. There were 30 people from 10 different countries(Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Poland, Romenia, Cyprus, UK, Georgia). Debating eachother gave me some vision and brought me in different perstectives. I enjoyed much.

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Human Library "The world is a book" breaks downs barriers

Be sure, that EVS-programs change people. Even when you cannot realize what exactly had changed and can’t get the difference in your mind between the beginning and in the end of project, you can feel "waves of changing" inside you.

Now it is the end of our project in Ankara. Time passed quickly, but these two month were full of unforgettable activities that greatly inspired me.
It's difficult to single out one favorite activity. I can talk a lot about "How is Elderly House important and interesting for me" or "What had I learnt from refugee children" or "How to serve traditional Turkish tea in Clock Tower", but now I want to introduce something that is special for me - Human Library "The world is a book", that we organized in Clock Tower in the end of our project as a symbol of unity.

In Ukraine I'm involved in Human Library project for more than two years. But after active start for a while there was a lull in our project. I had to take more responsibilities and help more to our team to keep the project alive, but I was little bit lost in my volunteer plans before coming to Turkey. And I didn't expect at all that we would organize my favorite project here, in Turkey. But nothing is accidental, everything has a reason and if you really love something, it will be always with you.
I'm really glad that I met here another volunteer from our organization - Alexandre, who likes conception of Human Library project as strong as me and who convinced and inspired me to organize Human Library in Ankara.

So what is Human Library?

The Human Library works as a normal library but our books are persons with many stories. Instead of flipping pages, you get to ask questions or simply chat. It’s easy: books are people and reading is communicating.

Human or Living Library is a place for people to talk openly about themselves, present their story/ies, share their experience to hear and to be heard, to learn and to break stereotypes.

We believe that each ‘human book’ is not just a 5-minute story, but it is a whole world that is available to be open up for you.

As for Human Library in Ankara - our "books" were mostly EVS-volunteers from Italy, Georgia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Portugal, Albania, Romania and wonderful person from Somalia.

Our books had the whole world within themselves, as they could tell not just about their own countries, but about their travelling experience as well.

We chose "Clock Tower" in Kecoren as location for Human Library to promote this place and to involve local people in such interesting event. The atmosphere during Human Library was really warm and friendly. And we were really happy to see smiley faces in the end of the event.
Human Library "The world is a book" is one of thousand steps towards creating a tolerant, free and happy world society. And now I'm sure that I want to continue with Human Library when I will come back home.

Social contact is known to be among the best ways to challenge prejudice, and the Human Library enables it to flourish. The Human Library provides a safe environment for people to engage in conversation within a bounds of respect, and with the permission to respectfully ask questions and share experience. The dialogue that the Human Library facilitates has the potential to challenge prejudice, social stigmation and discrimination. And we proved it again during the Human Library event in Ankara.

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“Аларм за природата” “Alarm for the nature”

– 21.06.2017-23.06.2017 Ohrid, Macedonia

Among all the above mentioned activities, trainings, actions and projects our organization took part of this month, we should not forget to tell the story about our Journey to Ohrid, Macedonia.

In Ohird, we participated in a project named “Alarm for the nature-2017” where we had the opportunity to present our game “The Journey” to the participants and organizers and also take part of the activities that this project provided. As a consequence of the fact that the participants of the project were mainly youngsters we enjoyed giving them some further information about our work, the story behind the game, simultaneously while playing the game.

Additionally, the activities of the project were generally outdoors, so we took advantage of them and explored this wonderful city full of historical places and outstanding views.

Volunteering with people with disabilities

People with disabilities face many challenges in their everyday life and because of that they need to be understood and accepted by people who are patient enough to work in an environment where differences are met with an open heart.

As a volunteer in the organization ‘’System & Generation’’ in Ankara, Turkey, I go and help in a center for disabled people. This center has all the facilities for the people who live there. They also have many activities as sport, dancing class and many workshops such as knitting, preparing soap, painting etc. I took part in a sewing workshop where they were making bags and other stuff and everything looked so pretty indeed. I admire them for the work they do.

I also organized dancing classes with few of them. They are different people every time, but each of them are so nice and friendly and despite the language barrier we still are trying to have some kind of a small conversation. They usually talk about their hobbies and dreams, which makes my heart melt every time I hear it. They taught me how to be happy and satisfied with the smallest things in life.

Related to this center, there is a café which is lead by the people from this center. The so called ‘’café Down’’ is placed in the center of Ankara and it is one of my favorites places here. I go there once or two times in a week for few hours to help them and every time when I leave it, I leave it with a smile on my face. I cannot describe the great atmosphere they make there.

Even though they have disabilities, they are human and they have the same needs as everyone. I am glad I am having this chance to participate in this project and although it is not for a long period of time, seeing their happy faces at least for a while makes me happy as well.

Marijana Gavrilova


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01/09/ 2016 - 30/06/2017 DAISY LADIES & DAISY ELÄKELÄISET

Erasmus+ Evs Volunteer work in Turku - Finland


I would first like to thank all the staff of Daisy ladies:

- Hulya Hissu Kytö the director

- Niina Laivamaa

- Katri Maria Hirvonen

- Shahla Tadayyon

for the help and advice concerning the missions mentioned in this report, which they gave me during the various follow-ups.

I would like also to express my special thanks and appreciation to the trainees and voluntary people who were very helpful and friendly.


This ten-month internship was carried out in Daisy Ladies ry Turku Finland.

This report presents the work I did during my internship. It took place from 1 September to 30 June.

The project has proved very interesting and very enriching for my professional experience.

I will present in this report in the first place a presentation of the company,

Then I will explain the different aspects of the work within Daisy Ladies during these few months and finally, in conclusion, I summarize the advantages of this internship

What is Daisy Ladies?

Daisy Ladies ry is a Finnish women's association that has moved to Finland since 2002 and serves as a social support network for women, bringing together cultures and reinforcing the cultural identity of different ethnic groups.

The purpose of Daisy Ladies is to work together to promote equality and improve, among other things, The opportunities for studying the migrant women and the conditions for joining the working life.

-People compare the Finland

Thai people

A women from Thailand and her life before and after coming to Finland

For her, Finland very nice but have a some problem. Fisrt time she doesn’t know finnish that is hard. She married a Finnish man for this reason she is living here for 20 years.She lived in Helsinki for 10 years, now she is living in Turku.I was attention listen her.I waited for her to say "Finnish people shy" but she said Turku people too shy. Helsinki people very talkative and friendly.

How is the Thailand culture? They have "Buddha" and "Mang" culture. This culture that come from Indian. She said, it is a Man and you must get down opposite him. Women never don't touch him. That is impossible. She talked about food. They are eating food in the morning and afternoon. They can not eat evening food. For evening that is enough drink milk, juice and water. When she come in Finland, she went just chinese restaurant. Now she get used all food in Finland.

3 women from Iran and one from Iraq.

I found another group of 4 people. This is what they talked about finland:

They thought and said: It is a safe place . They don't talk too much. When they go company, people give good information but untime. For example: If you are late for an appointment you are impolite. You must be ready 10 min before. Finnish people are intellectual.They always spend time in the library. They like reading and writing.

My finnish friend compare the other country:

She lived in St.Petersburg and studied for 4 months.Finland clean country.Finland is a very quiet country. No rubbish. Finland people wearing comfortable clothes. Russia, They are using the high heels and have more fashion.Traffic is bad from other country and roads are wide.

Culture is different.Everybody dancing and inviting home. Teacher invited all students to her home.Student made food and I made the fin pie. We sitted ate, talked and watched the teachers baby movie for 5 hour, just for fun. Bureaucracy is terrible and all people talking about this. I have to so many paper and picture for my all application documantary. There are many Automat machines. I have to go bank for my apartment's rent. In Finland only online bank for house rent. They use bills.It is means they don't use the coins. They just use paper money. They don't know english in russian restaurant. They have many literature.

School teaching very strong, teacher is 80 years old.When they have exams, students are buying good gifts for teacher. Then teacher give good points for them exams. This is calling bribe.

Families in Russia are too close each other.When somebody gets married they have big wedding for them really important and they are renting Limousine. They are driving around with car and take picture with son-in-law, daughter-in-law

Philippines woman:

She is from Philippines and his thoughts: We have only 1 season and sometimes heavy rain but generally weather is 30-40 C. In my country is crowded traffic. Finland population is 5.6 million but my country is 103.796.832. Fin people are polite, very helpful. Finland care better than my country for examples: hospital, company, kindergarden.



System and Generation Association is a non-profit organization established in 2008.

From that time tolerance, cooperation, social help and integration are our aims.

We are here to provide young people from different cultures empower tolerance, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualifications, cooperate in mobility with international institutions.