Tips & Steps

On Changing & Transitions In the Workplace!

STEP ONE - Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

Stay organized.

Keep everything you want for the transition together and not scattered.

Don't have the most important things you need for the next job in different places, keep them together in one place.

Know what’s available to you.

Multiple companies offer a variety of job relocation services to people who want to relocate jobs. Make sure you take time to know what is available to you.

Keep what's known to yourself.

If you plan on switching jobs full on not just locations, DO NOT tell anyone. Not any close friends that you work with either. You don't want you employer to know about considering a change. If you plan on switching to a different job tell the employer you're getting ready to work for to keep that confidential.

Build your team.

Find people who are willing to help you through your career transition. Such as: Family members, Friends out of your work, family friends. Anyone who is willing to help you with the transition and can keep from you current employer that you're switching jobs is the perfect person to help with transition.

Act on facts, not assumptions.

If someone is telling you that the place you want to work at is bad then research about the workplace. Don't let someone who hasn't worked there tell you whether or not it's a bad place to go to work for. Go ask employees about the work area there.

Network Strategically.

Networking is important for job seekers but for people in career transition is really crucial. You must connect to people who are able to introduce decision makers. When you meet new people, make sure they know why you're a good fit for the job you want.

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STEP TWO - Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Finding a job can be hard for most people. Find a job that interests you the most. Don't find something that you won't enjoy. Before you find a job that you think you might like have a back-up plan. Plan and/or write down what kind of job you want and look that type of job up.

STEP THREE - Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

If you fill out an application for another job while you have another job and you get the interview do not tell anyone about what you've done. Not even your closest friends or employees. Until you get the job 100% don't talk to your current employer about what you did. If you get the job for sure and you're ready to quit the other job or relocate to the other building tell your employer in a nice way that you're switching or quitting. Tell them about what has went on and how and why this is happening. Don't keep it from them.

STEP FOUR - Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experience

When you go to the new work facility introduce yourself. Don't be shy because eventually you will have to start talking to people and picking up conversations. Be happy and cheerful on your first day, any day actually. Don't come into work in holey jeans, mini skirts, shorts, leggings, etc. Dress appropriate for the type of job environment you've been applied for. When you get to your first day make sure you have enough sleep. Don't go to bed at 2:00 A.M. and have your work expect you to be up at work at 6:00 A.M. then you get up at 7:00 A.M. and are late for the first day.