Weekly Update

Here's a little about what we are doing in 3rd grade.

Thinking Maps

We are hard at work learning all about thinking maps. Thinking maps are ways to organize your thinking before writing (similar to a graphic organizer). So far we have learned how to brainstorm with a Circle Map and describe with a Bubble Map. This week we will be learning how to compare and contrast with Double Bubble Map (Similar to a Venn Diagram).

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Multiplication and Division

We've been learning about multiplication and division.

This is a tricky subject for most third graders.


Homework is sent home every Monday and collected every Friday.

With the new common core standards, most parents and guardians find it hard to help students with their homework because it looks nothing like what they learned in school. If you would like some help understanding what we are doing and how to solve the homework problems check out Duane's videos on youtube.