International Selfie Day

I'll Make this poster....but first let me take a selfie

What are Selfies ?

First, what is a selfie. Well here is an example:

as you can selfies are a form of art and are in important part of our culture.

A selfie is when he/she holds the camera up to his/her face and takes a picture. Weather or not he/she decides to make some sort of face or not is their choice

Why Should This Be a Real Holiday

Selfies are an easy and quick way to express how you feel, or where you are at the moment. This should be a holiday because of the almost 100 trillion photos that are taken each year nearly 300 million of those are selfies. So, they are a pretty big part of our culture. People take selfies everyday, so why not make it official. People would accept it because they take selfies daily so why not celebrate that?. Some people don't even no what a selfie is so it would be a great way to show them

Who would celebrate it ?

A large amount of people already take selfies everyday so why not make it official. People love to take selfies already. I'm sure most people would be more than willing to make the day a holiday and celebrate it.