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Jan 16-20, 2017

Videotaping of Pre-Service Teachers

As a reminder, SPS has updated board policy to allow for videotaping by student teachers as part of their Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment requirements. The specific language is below – please communicate to your staff:

Pre-Service and Student Teachers

The district may allow student teachers or pre-service teachers to record themselves teaching or otherwise interacting with students when the recording is used for educational purposes in the student teacher or pre-service teacher preparation program. The student teacher or pre-service teacher must obtain permission to do so from the cooperating teacher and the building principal and must have signed Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment permission forms from all students and adults who will appear in the recordings if those recordings will be viewed by any person who is not employed by the district. The district reserves the right to refuse to allow recording or to limit the time and place for such recordings in order to minimize disruption to the educational process.

Principals: The lessons we learned in 2016

A good start, but limited. What would you add?

from the Mayor-

During one of my site visits, a colleague shared with me some technology expectations he is asking support staff (nurse, paras, secretary) to implement. Below is a sample e-mail he sent to these individuals. If you have questions about his first semester task, please let me know.

Support Staff Colleagues,

Thanks for participating in last semester’s technology activities. It was designed with the following purpose in mind:

(1) To enhance our use and understanding of Tower.

(2) To log into Google Drive and schedule a meeting time in Google Forms.

(3) To participate in a related CANVAS discussion board.

I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the discussion board comments. They were so uplifting and encouraging. You are all truly an asset and blessing to our teachers and students. Your contribution is noticed and vital to the success of our school.

If these technology experiences were new or a bit challenging, then we met our intended purpose. Nonetheless, please know that everyone is at different comfort levels when it comes to technology knowledge and use. We are here to support each other with these endeavors.


Take a picture or screenshot that documents you working toward your personal goal listed in Tower. You may include a student or activity in your photo. A screenshot of a document or certificate that you have earned or are working towards is appropriate too. You’ll need to place your photo or documentation into a word document and type a brief explanation or caption telling how photo relates to personal goal. Once this is complete, upload it to your Google Drive and share it with me and include the link in an email to me. Please have this completed by Spring Break. Thanks again for exhibiting and growing in your use of technology. Let me know if you need assistance.

I met with the AP Cadre this week and agenda items included: MAP test preparation, Ignite, and technology scenarios.

Feedback about the Elementary Learning meeting goes on this Padlet:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (observed-no students)

Monday, Jan. 16th, 8:15am


One Behavior Separates The Successful From the Average

Most importantly, those who become successful initiate. They reach out to people, ask questions, make recommendations, offer to help, and pitch their ideas.

from J-

Upon following our Elementary Leadership Team on Wednesday, I'm always grateful for two things: our time together, and that in our time together we are learning from each other and crafting our leadership skills. Thank you for contributing to our time and learning together.

People First Language

At a recent ELT mtg, Phyllis Wolfram shared about People First Language. The idea behind this is to respect people by putting them first, and not their condition. Like gender & ethnicity, disability is one of many characteristics of being human. This is beyond being PC; it is about honoring the value of being human. Here are a few examples:

Instead of saying: handicapped/disabled, say people with disabilities.

Instead of saying mental retardation, say cognitive disability.

Instead of saying she is autistic, say she has autism.

Instead of saying he is mentally ill, say he has a mental health condition.

You get the idea. Honor them as a person first, and IF (a big if there) the condition needs to be identified, it follows after they are recognized as a person first. Dumbass' Bret & J will be happy to help you make this transition if you need specific help...

Student Information

When a student is enrolled at any time, whether it is new in the district or as a transfer, please ensure that the next year assignment is marked and reflected accordingly. The next year's assignment is very important, especially this time of year as we start the process of rolling up the students to next year's placement, which directly impacts school and class size, and your FTE.

Please connect with your fabulous school secretaries about this topic. If they have specific questions, they are invited to contact Tina Garrett for any support needed.

iGNiTE Survey

In an effort to ensure we are providing the highest quality support and modern learning tools to students and staff, the Blended Learning Department is conducting a very brief survey of students grades 3-12 and all teachers. This survey will cover devices, training, and instructional shifts and gives specific SPS input not covered in the BrightBytes surveys. These surveys will be pushed out to students and staff via site Learning Commons (Library) Canvas pages beginning on January 23. If you have any questions about these surveys, please contact Nichole Lemmon.

Student Retention

If you are considering retaining a student, it is during the 3rd quarter that this should be examined. Retention is a practice that is not overall favorable nor proven to be effective in most cases, but it is an option provided the conditions are optimal for future success. A reminder that we do have a process to serve as a guide, which includes developing a student's 3 year plan of success. Please contact me if you are considering the retention of a student.


I recently read a fantastic article that I have read and reread. Please find it below. I believe there is great wisdom in it. Upon reflection, how might you react and apply?

I look forward to picking up on regular visits. Those selected will get a call from Gisela soon. Let me know how I can support you-

The Disease of Being Busy

This. All of this. A must read. Once. Twice. Thrice.

Looking forward to seeing how you will top these snow day activities...

Principal Snow Day