College Tennis Recruiting

College Recruiting Made Easy

Looking to earn a college scholarship to play tennis? Contact Lauren Smith and start the process!

"My goal is to educate student athletes and their families about the recruiting process, making sure the athletes end up at the best school for them on and off the court."

- Lauren Smith, CEO

Things you will earn from Lauren:

- recognition from the top schools in the country, athletically and academically

- visits to camps at some of the best tennis school in the nation

- your own personal email for recruiting

- and most importantly: a scholarship to the best school for you


Lauren makes sure that student athletes understand how the interview process works, what the coaches want them to do and why the coaches want them to do it. Tennis recruiting is a lenghty difficult process, so having someone that knows exactly what they are doing is helpful to say the least. You have spent years getting ready to plau college tennis, so why not make sure you get to play at the very best school possible?