The Bear Necessities



Don't forget to click that you are interested in working summer!! Appreciate all who come together to make sure our kiddos have a good experience!!

Teachers: I also need you to place students that you feel confident will be invited to attend ESY.

I would like to work on this very soon, so get this on your to do list!! THANKS

Last Day of School

Student last day is now May 24 at GBEEC

Paraprofessional last day is now May 24th

District last day is now May 25

Elementary Learning Institute

Please hold on communicating, when I get the official documents to share, we will share!! THANKS

Kerry and Jeanie

Monday - Jeanie here all day, 1/2 day PDO for Kerry

Tuesday - Kerry and Jeanie at MARC downtown for assessment of HS program

Wednesday - Kerry at SLC mtg 8-1, Jeanie here

Thursday - STEAM Night, we should all go out to dinner between school and STEAM night (let me know if interested)

Friday - here