I am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

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In I am Number Four, John and his Cêpan (caregiver) Henri, are constantly moving around the United States every few months to stay under the Mogadorian "radar."John is number four in a line of nine other kids, and the Mogadorians can only kill them in numerical order. The current place that John and Henri are staying at is Paradise, Ohio. Here, he meets a nerdy boy named Sam Goode, who happens to have a huge fascination with aliens, and a pretty girl named Sarah. John starts to slowly fall in love with her, and that starts some trouble with her jock ex boyfriend, Mark. One day, Mark confronts John, and John's hands start to mysteriously glow and he realizes that his powers are starting to appear. He has to hide his hands so no one questions him about them. Especially Sam, since he notices odd stuff like that. As more and more of his powers come in, the Mogadorians are getting closer to finding John. When Henri goes out of town to investigate something about the Mogadorians, everything begins to go downhill. With the help of Sam, Sarah, Henri, and even number Six, John fights the Mogadorians.

The Evil Mogadorians

The planet Mogadore is dying, so the Mogadorians went to the nearest life sustaining planet to take control of the resources. That planet was Lorien, John's home planet. They are super fast, strong, and powerful over all. They are also trying to kill John and the other Legacies from Lorien.