Revolutionary War and War of 1812

Causes, Effects, Similarities, and Differences

Revolutionary War Causes

  • Boston Massacre
  • Stamp Act passed
  • Townsend Acts imposed
  • Boston Tea Party
  • The people wanted to be independent
  • Harsh taxes
  • Americans wanted same rights as Englishmen
  • Disagreement over the way Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way they thought they should be treated
  • British thought the colonies were created to be used in a way that best suited the crown and parliament
  • Defense of stockpile
  • No taxation with out representation

War of 1812 Causes

  • James Madison wanted to stop trade with Britain and France
  • British tried to stop the U.S. from trading with France
  • France underwent its own revolution in 1789 and descended into terror
  • British and French saw the U.S. as a powerful tool to use for their own benefit
  • Britain offered the U.S. the Jay Treaty which promised to remove its soldiers from six forts in the Great Lakes region and to pay over ten million dollars to U.S. shipowners whose ships had been taken by Britain.
  • France got upset and demanded humiliating bribes from the Americans that would have to be paid just for the privilege of speaking to the French.
  • First Barbary War (1801-1805)

Revolutionary War Effects

  • Great Britain didn't have control over America anymore
  • British properties were owned by Americans
  • Slaves freed in the Northern states
  • Exports and imports expanded and agriculture grew west
  • America's and Britain's relationship was strained
  • The national debt increased in Britain and taxes were raised

War of 1812 Effects

  • Increased American patriotism
  • Weakened Native American's resistance
  • U.S. manufacturing grew
  • Other countries respected the U.S.
  • Decline in the power of the federalist party
  • U.S. acquired land from Canada
  • National anthem created by Francis Scott Key


  • Both fought for independence
  • Fighting for control
  • Between Americans and British
  • Land accumulation
  • Both had treaties involved
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