2015 Year in review

By Rose Maldonado Period-1

Three companies marketed themselves the best in 2015 ?

Apple - Apple has brought In new and better technologies in the past years but 2015 was a big change for them. They designed one of the best phones in present time , which is the new IPhone 6s. They designed it to be more advanced and more helpful with people , but the most advanced in this phone is the color , no more black or white. They made this Rose Gold color for the first time!. This is just the beginning for Apple , Apple is going to be making changes for a very long time.

Mac Cosmetics - Make up ! Lights ! Camera ! Action ! Mac is very popular for there make up. Mac came to found in 1984 in Toronto, Canada. Bringing in new bright, dark, medium colors. A lot of famous celebrity use Mac to look better in cameras , movies , interviews. Mac has brought in new cosmetics In 2015 , New eye shadow , better foundations that help your skin. Mac is partners with a lot of Popular companies. It is partners with Macy's for almost 2 to 3 years now. Especially holiday deals and free giveaways.

Forever 21 - The best teenage store in 2015 , Forever 21 has been making great progress in the past years. Teenage girls like me love to go shopping almost all the time. We like seeing new clothes , especially clothes that we see our favorites artist wear. Every season is something new. Last years summer was one big heat ! Forever 21 introduce cute swimwear , shorts , and crop tops.

Two of the best products introduced in 2015

Hover board - A two wheel scooter that is controlled with the movement of your feet by either moving forward with the front of your feet or going back with the heel of your foot. These made the best Christmas gift for someone who loves gadgets. Once someone had it everyone wanted them. They come in many colors. Black , Red , Blue and even White. We see them all the time , even celebrity's have them in there music videos. There's something's people should know before buying these $300 gadgets online or in stores. A research discovered that Hover Boards can be explosive. January 7 ,2016 a call to 911 from Southeast Oklahoma City was made after a hover board exploded and caught on fire while it was charging. The family saw how it happened. Don't let these cool two wheels fool you and take your money.

Drones - Drones are being used for anything now and days , these robotics that fly around have a small camera on them make everything a bit easier. Military use them to look around the area where they are. Drones were usally inventid for military use but now people are buying them on amazon and ebay for there own use. But there has been some complaines about them being used for other things such as spying on people on what they are doing.