LIS Update 8/28/2018

September 5th Meeting Sign Up Link

Please use this link to sign up for the 9/5 meeting. Remember, Eduphoria will not allow participants to sign up for any sessions 24 hours in advance of a session - but participants will be able to sign up on site.

September 5th Meeting Snack Patrol

These campuses are on the docket for snacks for the September 5th meeting:

Boone, Alief Middle, Chancellor, Collins, Cummings, Hastings, Youngblood

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ProTip: Destiny InterLibrary Loan

In your campus Destiny, is there a flag with an exclamation point in the top bar of the screen - next to the words "Back Office"?

The flag with exclamation point mean "Processing Needed" - which means there is some type of InterLibrary Loan Transaction that needs your attention.

We all need to be in the habit of looking for that flag with exclamation point and acting upon it.

Author Visits, BookFairs, Extended Hours

If you've planned an author visit, please let me know the date, time, location and author. This will help the district publicize the event.

Please e-mail me the dates of your BookFairs so they can be added to the Library Services Calendar and set up in the @Alief_Libraries Twitter feed.

Also, please let me know what dates/times you will be having extended hours in your library. This information will also be posted in the Library Services Calendar and on the @Alief_Libraries Twitter feed.

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Eoin Colfer Visit

The Eoin Colfer visit time is 10 am. The visit date 9/10/18. The visit will be at Hastings Little Theater at 10am The two artists will be at the visit as well.

Tweens Read

TweensRead is October 13th and is fast approaching. If you would like to take a group of students please let me know by September 10th. This will give time to get the transportation arrangements started and books ordered.