The Outsider

By: h.p lovecraft/Brandon Francois 1st hour


there is a man who lives in a castle deep in the woods. He has no memory before the castle and has no memory of the outside world. One day he decides to go outside and goes on a adventure thru the castle and the woods to get to the main world with the other people. He final finds people at a ball that he stumbles upon by finding a room behind a stone slab and is frightened by what he sees.


I can tell that the main character is unknowing. I can tell this because in the story he says "I know not where i was born" also from when he says i must have lived years in this place,because i cannot measure time.

Point of view

This point of view is 1st person. I can tell this because in the story the main character says things like "I, me, my" witch means that he is righting it like he is talking to us witch is 1st person.