Travel Journal

By: Justin G.


I took some interesting pictures on my journeys around the America's along with finding some interesting keepsakes to photograph. I have wrote about all of my travels and here they are.

Trip to Mexico City, Mexico- History

Mexico City has a very unusual history. Today I visited a museam. There I learned that Mexico City was originally called Tenochitan by the Aztecs. Eventually a Spanish fleet led by Hernan Cortes conquered Tenochitan.

The Spaniards renamed it Mexico City, according to the tour guide. Later in the Mexican-American War, The U.S. took control of Mexico City. Mexico City used to control territory as far as Panama and California. Also, under Porfio Diaz's rule, the city was remodeled to rival European cities.

Finally the Republican Constitution of 1824 established Mexico City as the capital of Mexico.

In all I learned a lot of interesting things about Mexico City. The fact that it was built on top of ancient cities is very surprising, and it adds to the immense history of the capital city of Mexico.

Trip to Negril, Jamaica- Culture

Today I checked into Negril, Jamaica. I spent most of the day at the Long Bay. It is the longest beach in all of Jamaica. Negril is almost always rated in the top ten of beach quality by travel magazines.

I had dinner at Rick's Café where I watched cliff jumpers jump into the sunset. I listened to different types of reggae music, Jamaica's most popular music choice. Did you know famous people like Bob Marley, Peter Hill, and Jimmy Cliff are from Jamaica?

For dinner I had chicken with rice, a popular Jamaican meal. They also sell fish, beans, fruits, and vegetables which are all delicious. It shows off Jamaican culture.

Most people speak a blend of English and Spanish. Everyone I met was very kind to me. I also went snorkeling at West End Road. It was a very enjoyable experience. I saw many interesting sites.

Tomorrow I'm going on a luxurious cruise. Negril is definitely a great place to hang out in. All the hotels I saw looked nice, and the one I stayed at was amazing. I can't wait for tomorrow!

Trip to Bogota, Colombia- Geography

Today I landed in Bogota, Colombia. I saw us fly over the mountains that seal Bogota off. We saw the Bogota River from the plane. It was very cool when we got off. The weather is so unpredictable here. You can tell that there is lots of pollution in the city. Once i got off, I relaxed for a little bit, then went to Juaica Hill. It is famous for UFO sightings.

After that I went shopping for souvenirs. I learned that Bogota is very rich in emeralds.

Later, I drove to the Bio-Park which has a wide variety of animals like butterflies, and reptiles. I drove by some beautiful waterfalls on the way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow I will go to see more sights like Lagunade Guatavia which was one of the sacred lakes of the Muisca, the former Colombian natives

Bogota has so many interesting sites!

Trip to Brazil- Economy

Brazil's economy is special. It has the 7th largest economy in the entire world. They have a free-market economy. They also have the seventh largest GDP in the world, which grows over 5 percent every year.

I checked out the stock exchange, which is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. It is another important part of Brazil's economy. Another part of the economy is that they produce automobiles, steel, petrochemicals, and aircraft. Brazil is beginning to industrialize.

Brazil is blessed with many natural resources including iron, manganese, nickel, tin, uranium, copper, zinc, gold, and much, much more. The economy is very strong with an unemployment rate of about six percent. The country is beginning to rely less on petroleum, and more on environmentally healthier chemicals like hydroelectric power. Oil used to account for over 70 percent of Brazil's energy. They also get rubber from the Amazon Basin, and harvest mahogany wood from the Amazon Rain Forest.

In all, Brazil has a stable, growing economy.