Logan Huiras

By Ashley Marks


Guess who like wildlife? Who had a ladybug collection, but is also scared of grasshoppers?! Its the bug man! Just kidding! This is a story about my funny friend, Logan Huiras.

Early Life

A story abut his early life. When he was little he had a ladybug collection. He would catch them one by one and put them in a jar. The funny thing was is, has has a fear of grasshoppers , but he loves wildlife.

What he did to become [sort of ]famous.

At our school he won a fundraiser and that was lucky. Imagine trying to win a fundraiser 1 out of 550 kids. That was lucky!

Here are some fun facts about Logan.

*His favorite color is Orange *Logan was born in St.Peter but lives in North Mankato

*He has a crazy dog

*He plays tennis for fun

*His birthday is July 7, 2003


To sum it up , Logan is friendly, funny , and a kind person . You probably learned a lot about Logan Huiras . He loved ladybugs [a little too much]. He is very lucky . Also he hates grasshoppers ! He is an amazing friend . And that was the story of Logan Huiras .