All About Burke!

All about him and his awesome self!!

Who am I??

I am Burke. I am in the Marshall Middle School (Obviously) and I am in 7th grade. My favorite color is Green. If you are wondering if I have a favorite food, well I really do not have one. I like science, building and sports.

Me in the "professional" photo. * This is a Google picture.*

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My family.

In my family have my Sister, Mom, Aunt, the two dogs, my sister's hedgehog, our cat, and our Fish Yoshi! ( Yes we have a lot of pets ) In my family I am the oldest sibling. We moved here in 2007, during a huge winter storm. I originally moved from Oklahoma. Later my Aunt moved in when my Dad got cancer. Unfortunately he passed away in 2011. So I run the house sometimes ( lucky me ).

What are my hobbies???

I do many things for my hobbies. First of all I like to play video games. I also like to spend time with family doing things such as going out to eat, or the movies, even just casually eat dinner together and watch a movie. I also like to sports such as basketball, football and soccer.