By Kristin Dralle


Melinda doesn't have anyone to confide in. She is like a blank canvas. She afraid if she tells someone that they wont believe her. She is very self centered. She only really cares about herself and no one else. She used to be popular and have a lot of friend but everything changed when she called the cops.

Andy Beast

Andy is a fake person everybody thinks he is perfect. He has a lot of fowls. He is handsome and athletics. Every girl in the school thinks that he is nice. Melinda knows the really him. He makes sure know buddy tell his secrets. He thinks he can make everything go away. Everyone truly finds out what he actually is. Instead of what he pretends to be.


Heather honestly was a nice friend to Melinda. She talks a lot. Doesn't really know how to make up her mind. She changes her mind a lot. She likes to think that she can do everything but when it comes down to it she cant. She trustful, kind, sweet. She can be annoying. She always want to be around someone. She can never just be alone.


David is kind and generous. He is a know it all. He thinks he knows everything. He will stand up for himself if he has to. He is not afraid of what he thinks is right. He will tell you what he thinks. He will get everyone in fowled. Even if they dont have to be. He likes Melinda always there for her. He is always happy.

Mr. Neck

Mr. Neck is the social studies teacher. He likes to always be right. When he isn't right he likes to just drop the topic. He is a man to like to do debates. He is nice and sometimes thinks what he wants to think. He always thinks about himself first. He doesn't really care about anyone else is opinions. He likes to agree with people ,so he is always right.

Mr. Freeman

Mr. Freeman is artistic and loves to paint. He has really good advice. He will help you with things. He is generous, kind, and nice. He wants you to think outside the boxes. He wants you to think about things in a different way. Dont think about them basic. Think how can i explain everything in one picture or word.

Melinda's parents

Melinda parents agree a lot. They don't know whats happening at most of the time. They yell a lot at Melinda. They are fighting a lot. They are cheating on each other. They always think they are right but there not. They never listen to Melinda. They are selfish.