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January 28, 2019


SCSD2 schools are teaming up to help a Scott County family in need. Austin Elementary School second-grader, Felix, has started treatments for bone cancer. He's had his first surgery and he's battling hard! His family is experiencing some other health challenges and their finances are thin.

SMS Warriors- let's help this little Eagle SOAR by donating some cash on Friday. To help encourage participation, any student that donates a $1 or more will be able to wear a hat on Friday. Thank you for supporting this neighbor! One county - one cause!

COLD Hard Facts

Extreme cold is serious business! We're expecting sub-zero windchill temperatures this week and we could all benefit from these reminders from the National Safety Council:

  • In times of extreme cold, limit your time outside.
  • Bundle up with several lighter layers of clothing.
  • Wear mittens rather than gloves.
  • Cover your ears with a warm hat.
  • Wear socks that keep your feet warm and dry.

The most common injury related to extreme cold is frostbite. It can occur on fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin when a person is exposed to wind chills around 20 degrees below zero for 30 minutes. The lower the wind chill, the quicker the onset of frostbite. Frostbitten skin appears white or grayish-yellow and becomes cold and numb. If frostbite is caught early, it is possible to prevent permanent damage by warming the area. If not, frostbite can lead to amputation. During deep frostbite, skin will become blister and turn black as tissues die.

Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature goes below 95 degrees. Initially, hypothermia causes shivering (your body's attempt to warm itself). However, that gives way to drowsiness, confusion, slurred speech, irregular heartbeat, and eventually death. If you find someone in this state, bring them inside, remove wet clothing, call for medical help, and put blankets, towels, or newspapers under and around the victim.

Stay safe and plan ahead. Don't assume that the bus/car won't stall or that an emergency wouldn't take you outside of the school building!

Coat. Hat. Mittens. Layered tops. Pants. Socks. Shoes.

Yes, We Can!

The Scott County Clearinghouse needs our help!

This means that the citizens of Scott County need our help!

All SCSD2 schools are collecting non-perishable food items this week. If you can spare canned or packaged items, please bring them to your homeroom this week. The SMS Student Council will deliver the items to the Clearinghouse on Friday. Thank you for donating all you can share!

IYS Survey Tuesday

SMS and SHS are each taking the annual Indiana Youth Survey on Tuesday. This anonymous, online survey, collects data on student health choices, personal goals, participation in school clubs and sports, etc. Students are encouraged to participate because our own data helps us plan school and community support programs. Students may skip any question they don't choose to answer. Results are anonymous.

Early Dismissal Wednesday... or NOT!

All SCSD2 schools are scheduled to operate on an Early Dismissal schedule on Wednesday, January 30th. SMS students will be dismissed at 12:55. Teachers will participate in professional development activities.

If SCSD2 has a late start schedule that day (due to freezing temps), teachers will meet in the morning during the late start and school will be held from 10:05 to 2:55. If we start late Wednesday, we'll stay in class until 2:55 that day. Stay tuned!!

Climate Survey Executive Summary #3

Our third and final installment of the SMS Climate Survey Executive Summary is available HERE and on the SMS web main page. This segment addresses student effort, behavior, health, and social media.

A majority of students report that they are working hard and that they are challenged. Parents do not rate their kids' effort quite as high as students do. Teachers report that less than 2/3rds of students complete work to teacher satisfaction. Students and parents both value grades above standardized test performance and both rate growth above performance on those tests.

One in four SMS student reports having social media accounts. By far, Instagram is the top platform, followed by Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter as a distant fourth. A large number of students report that their parents don't pay much attention to their social media lives. Sadly, only 38% of parents with kids on social media report that they "follow" or "friend" their kids accounts.

Students rate their health choices highly. They report typically getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising adequately. The health indicator flagged by students as more of a problem is identifying and coping with stress. Students also report "feeling good about my life" at relatively high rates. Parents report positive health outcomes for their kids with the exception of exercise. Parents don't feel like their kids get enough exercise.

Final Marks- Students were consistent in self-grading effort and behavior for the first semester. About 83% self-awarded A's or B's for academic effort. More A's than B's in each category. Parents generally agreed in regard to effort but they were much more positive about student behavior, with 94% giving their kids an A or B. (It is important to remember that nearly ALL students took the survey but only 103 parents/guardians participated.)

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Yearbook Update

The official window for SMS 2018-2019 Yearbook sales is March 1-15. For some reason, Lifetouch sent two emails to parents that previously ordered online, stating that they were "running out of time to order!" Not true! We've got plenty of time. The Yearbook Club is working hard on our book and will launch our official sale in March. Orders will be taken both at school and online. More info will be shared in an upcoming Scoop. If you've already ordered, no problem! If you haven't ordered, no problem!

This Week...

Mon. Jan. 28: B day, Builders' Club, 6 BB @ Salem, 7/8 BB @ East Wash, 6 GB v. Brownstown, 7/8 GB @ Seymour, Wrestling @ East Washington

Tue. Jan. 29: A day, Archery, Science Olympiad, Winterguard, 6 BB v. Scribner

Wed. Jan. 30: B day, Cross, StuCo CommService, 7/8 BB (B) v. Jennings County,

Thu. Jan. 31: A day, Archery, Science Olympiad, Winterguard, Geography Bee Finals, 6 BB @ Borden, 7 BB @ Austin, 8 BB v. Austin

Fri. Feb. 1: B day

Sat. Feb. 2: Band Solo/Ensemble Festival, 6 GB @ Salem Tourney