Sailing into Summer

1J May Newsletter

Hopkins Pond Field Trip

Our Hopkins Pond Field Trip was engaging, fun, and with all of your support, a sincere highlight to your child's first grade experience! The weather was beautiful, the kids were prepared, and nature was calling! Take a look at the moments captured, below!
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In reading we have been reviewing many of the comprehension skills learned throughout the year; such as, cause and effect, details that lead to a conclusion, story structure, making connections, answering key details, and much more! Phonics for special exceptions in grammar, and chunks have also been reviewed. You should be noticing how much easier it is for your first grader to read and write!

EPIC is an excellent app using here in the classroom that reads stories to your child. Some stories do not read to them, and they are able to practice their reading skills. They LOVE this app and it would be great for summer!

Eric Carle Writing Celebration

I don't think a description is necessary here! So many students wrote about the Eric Carle experience, in their captions! Pictures below show how much we enjoyed reading to the preschoolers!


Math has been filled with review, and the conclusion on the spiral instruction; putting it all together! Making change, place value, number sense, 3D shapes, fractions, and time, have been a large focus this past month.

This week 1J created a classroom store. Cashiers collected 4 items from around the room that they thought their fellow classmates would buy, created price tags based on the importance of each item, and made change to give back to the students who were shoppers. Shoppers were able to decorate wallets with a partner, and had $10 to spend in the classroom store. Pairs had to decide how to spend the $10 together, and recorded what they bought, the money used for the purchase, and the change back. We had discussions of how important it is to count your change back from the cashier and double check that they did their math right!


Life cycles of animals, pond life, and plants were covered in science this month.
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Social Studies

Reading and creating maps were a large part of Social Studies, this month. Using a compass rose, identifying symbols, keys, and scales on maps, were additional elements learned, too. Creating maps as a team provided moments of frustration, that were followed with compromises and collaboration! We also have been participating in community building projects and games, to strengthen and tie together the friendships and bonds made in 1J!

We would create a map of something. We made symbols, the compass rose, even some people did the scale. My group made a map of downtown. I suggested PJ Willahan's and Happy Hippo. I even drew my house, Haddonfield Commons! -Alex

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Maya, relaxing on the cool hardwood during a hot and muggy, summer day!

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