This is the month to RAIN DOWN on your Business!

Book and hold 4 trunk shows in April and watch your business GROW!

How would you like to go on a shopping spree with $400?! Think about all of the fabulous clothes or shoes you could get for Spring!

I'm giving away a PRIZE to every single person who has FOUR shows this month, in April.

If you sponsor and QUALIFY TWO new Stylists, you get another prize too! ( this one's even sweeter! ) It's a SURE THING!

It might be a bag, a piece of jewelry or WHO KNOWS it might YOUR NAME DRAWN to win a $400 gift card!!!

If you pour in and WATER your Business, I can't wait to shower you with gifts too!

What a FUN month it will be!

And DUDE! I should also mention that doing 4 average shows can also mean $1000 in commissions in your pocket!

Join OUR TEAM BEjeweled PAGE, and don't miss out on a single thing!

Here's how YOU can get your name into the BIG DRAW!

Book and hold 4 qualifying* trunk shows in April and you'll receive 1 entry into a drawing for a $400 Shopping Spree to the store of your choice.

And for every trunk show after 4, you'll receive an additional entry for each qualified trunk show. Plus, for every NEW stylist you sponsor and complete New Stylist Training with, you'll receive another entry to win!

Here are the 3 Ways YOU can Qualify:

-Book & Hold 4 qualifying* trunk shows in April = 1 entry.

-For every trunk show after 4 = 1 additional entry per qualified show.

-Sponsor a New Stylist & hold their New Stylist Training = 1 entry for each new Stylist sponsored and trained in April.

The more you do...the more you increase your chances!

*Trunk Shows must hit $500 to be qualified for this incentive

* You must be a QUALIFED Stylist at $500 to win!

BEAT ME in Sales &/or Sponsoring? Let's do lunch! ON ME, of course!

And in other news….

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To my dear GIRLFRIENDS...

All along the way I’ve encouraged you to declare your goals; to announce them BOLDLY, without fear, and to hold yourself accountable. And to encourage your team to work together with you so that you can get there ALL TOGETHER! Even if you're scared. Even if it makes you downright NAUSEOUS.

And I never EVER want to ask you do something that I'm not prepared to do myself.

The fact remains…when I have a personal goal. I HESITATE TO SHARE it with you...

The situation where I’m asking YOU to help ME is uncomfortable. It's not how I'm built. I was brought up to be FIERCELY INDEPENDENT. Asking for help is not something I like to do…

But here's the thing:

There are some things we just cannot do alone. It will take our ENTIRE TEAM coming together, believing until the bitter end, encouraging each other to go for our own personal goals, and in the end doing something TOGETHER that NONE of us could ever have achieved on our own…

I can see, this month in April...

A HUGE pile of possibility…

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You might think I'm CRAZY BUT...

I believe that WE CAN be a STAR DIRECTOR TEAM !

It will be a HUGE TEAM effort this month.

It will take:

EIGHT first line STARS

( I'll be reaching out to you ROCKSTARS soon! )

150,000 GCV or $202,500 retail ( basically 250+ Trunk Shows as a team, double what we currently have booked in the system )

I need to sell my minimum 1500 PCV ($2308 retail) which I plan to personally do 5 times over..

I have to tell you… I thought about waiting another month. Maybe in May it would be more doable. Maybe going for it in the Fall was safer. Maybe I'd just wait it out until the numbers grew a bit more and it felt a little closer...


And why should you care, you ask? And prior to sitting down to write this , I soul searched and struggled a lot around that very question.

  • When we hit it, we will be the only STAR DIRECTOR team in Northern Alberta, and one of only FOUR in Canada, less than 15 in the company! SERIOUSLY! And that means that we kick-ass in sales, leadership, spirit and community! OF COURSE WE DO! The achievement is truly ALL of ours as it reflects so positively back on everything we have ALL done, together. And it only opens the door for SO MANY more of you to follow. Promoting leaders ( who make great income! ) is what we love to do!

  • It can be a HUGE marketing and recruiting tool for you. You can promote to potential recruits the benefit of joining one of the leading teams in the ENTIRE Stella & Dot structure. Seriously.
  • Jessica will come to visit and do training here FOR US… Seriously.. OMG I would absolutely die for you all to meet her!!

  • Since I will have better access to THE top-level training, that means you will too!

  • We will have a VERY BIG CELEBRATION when we hit!

So while promoting to Star. Director is my personal goal, I see it being as much about WE as I do about me. And I hope that many of you know me well enough by now to understand how sincere I truly am about that.

And for me, I can hardly wait to see that amazing video… with my kids and hubby's faces, and all of yours. *happy tears*

I’m nervous, excited and scared – all at the same time -- to go for this. Im feeling a true wave of nausea even as I think about putting it out there and saying out loud. But I’m going for it ANYWAYS! And thank you so much in advance for standing by my side. Together TEAM BEjeweled WILL achieve greatness and make history with this company! EEEKKKK!!

And I hope it goes without saying – PLEASE give me a call to discuss your own career path plan. Whatever your dreams are with Stella & Dot, my job is to help you get there. I take that job on with a HUGE amount of pride and joy. RIDICULOUSLY HUGE.

What we have built TOGETHER is truly amazing… and it simply would not be without YOU..

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And for that I am grateful,

Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!



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Want to know why I've started listening to my 5 year old self? This is amazing… if you have an hour to watch this...

Shirzad Chamine, "Positive Intelligence" | Authors at Google
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