Come To Accent Egypt Today!

By Keanna.C.Sondergaard

The Pharohs

There has been many Phoraohs over time.But pharoh Hatshepsut is our Pharoh the First Lady Pharoh in Egypt.Insted of changing the ceremony she dressed like a man because she wanted to rule like a king.

Find your way around Egypt

Here are some of the cities in Egypt.

Valley Of Kings,Edfu,Heliopolis,Sinai,Giza,Fayum,Memphis,Avaris,Tanis,andNubia.

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Fun facts about Egypt

There are lots of fun things to do

Ways of transportation

There are many ways to make your way around Egypt like riding a camel horseback

Carige and riding a boat bown the Nile river.


There are many religions in Egypt.When our Pharoh dies we put them and there family in

The tombs and there belongings.

The government

The government has the right to rule over Egypt if the Pharoh is to busy.

Hope you will Visit some time and please do!😋