92 Years Young

A healthy lifestyle will go a long way...

All my life, I have read books.  This has stimulated my brain enough to where I could jump into any conversation that was occurring and add my opinion or facts I have attained over the years.  It has also Being intelligent is a way to be healthy and that is something I truly believe.  However, that is not the only way.  As I have grown, the option to eat healthy or to eat sweets has been in front of my face, as for others as well.  My choice?  My choice was always to eat the healthiest that I could whenever I could.  Another thing I believe, is that this has helped my attitude, my capibilities as an elder, and has decreased my risk of falling.  I am more independent then most elders I know because of the way that I chose to grow from a child to a geriatric.  Aside from eating the best I always could, I have been active my entire life.  This is extremely important because it helps the shortence of breath especially after the stroke I had.  I believe that I would not recover from this stroke as well as I am if I would have chose the doughnut instead of the apple, or slept all day instead of hiking the mountains that I did.  Even though I have been healthy all my life, I still want to remain doing the things that I have grown up doing because I want my life to be as long as possibl, for my bones to be as strong as they can be, and for me to be able to recover from another stroke that could possibly occur.  I currently am doind counter exercises which are simple squats and leg kicks that take 5-10 minutes each day.  Another important part of my daily routine has been yoga.  This has made me more of a relaxed person and has helped my blood pressure quite a lot due to the lack of stress, which can also help the health of a person at any time.  Another great help that yoga has been for me, has been adding bone mass by twisting arms or legs (Fishman).  At my age, I am so glad that each day is another day to be more active or eat healthier.  I realize that it is rare for a person like myself to be as stable as I am, but that is the reason why I never regret the choices I made growing up and while becoming an elder.
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