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March 2014 Issue #23

New in 17.0 - Add a Diagnosis to the Problem List with One Click

A new icon has been added to the Assessment section of Clinical Notes, enabling users to add a diagnosis to the Problem List with just one click. NOTE: The existing option to add a diagnosis to the patient's Past Medical History or the Problem List will still be available.
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Who Am I?

If I could learn to do anything, I would learn how to fly a plane. Some people say I look like Amy Lee from the band Evanescence, but they say I act like Zooey Deschanel. If I was a fictional character, I would be Mulan. I am protective and a tomboy at heart.

Birthdays and Greenway Anniversaries

John Cox March 8

Bill Lonas March 12

Todd Wiggins March 18

John McBride March 25

1 Year

Ladonna Fryar

Andrella Covington

Betsy McElhannon

Sara Magistro

Patrick Penna

2 Years

Tonya Lewis

3 Years

Dawn Lane

4 Years

Ann Wheeler

Vitera Greenway Support Information

If you receive a call from a Vitera Greenway customer, route them to the number or website below. The phone options are:

· Option 1 for Sales

· Option 2 for Technical Support

· Option 3 for Customer Service

· Option 4 for Network Services

Who Am I? Besty McElhannon

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