Hairing For Your Care

Caring For Your Hair

Hair Problems

  • Dandruff condition in which there is excessive dry skin on the scalp
  • Lice condition in which small, wingless insects live in your hair
  • Split Ends condition in which due to damage, hair breaks at the bottoms
  • Alopecia condition in which hair begins to fall out

Taking Care Of Your Hair

When washing your hair, use good- quality shampoos. The type of hair you have determines the type of shampoo you use. Conditioner is also important when caring for your hair. It helps your hair stay soft and prevents and helps damage. Let your hair dry naturally. This prevents damage that can be caused by blow-dryers. Brush your hair often, but not too often. Brushing your hair too often can cause hair loss. Comb your hair when it is wet. This prevents you also from hair loss.
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Styling Your Hair

When styling your hair choose styles that do not damage your hair. Some easy, undamaging styles include: ponytail, headband, etc. Try not to dye your hair too often, if ever. Dyeing your hair can damage it. Trim your hair regularly. This gets rid of split-ends and also helps it grow out long and healthy. Some damaging hair styles include tightly pinning your hair, use of rubber bands, heat (curling irons, straightners, etc.), and bleaching your hair.