Buildings Reflection

By: Dylan Teitelbaum

How it was like building it

I think it was really fun building it and it was hard at the same time I did think of things buildings have a lot. And along the way Even more ideas popped in my head but most of my ideas were from other students suggesting little ideas to put for my building. So building it was a little challenging but mostly fun.

How it looked like when I finished

It looked perfect when I finished because off all the ideas my classmates gave me and the ideas I thought of made it look like a real building it had a elevator, office chairs, fire extinguisher, and a balcony. I at first when I had an idea in my head of how it would look it looked way more different than I is now. When I had the idea in the beginning it had no roof, no elevator, no balcony, and no fire extinguisher. It only had 4 office chairs.

How it looked like when finished

Things that helped me make a bulding


My project was a big success for me and a new experience. At first I never knew how my building would look like and how to even make a building. I researched a lot until I was ready to make my building. I had so much help from people so thank you people who helped me. Again I think my project was a great success.

People who helped

Kayla D., Vincent P., Dylan V., and Harman B.