Phytochemicals & Functional Foods!

(are yummy and good for you)

What are phytochemicals?

  • Phytochemicals are plant chemicals to provide protective coloring odor and taste to the plants in which they are found.
  • They help 1/5 cases of cancer and help heart disease.
  • Phytochemicals can also improve your immune response!
  • Here are some examples of phytochemicals down below!


What is a funtional food?

  • Functional food is foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.
  • Fruits and vegetables are the main functional foods.
  • They slow the aging process and can protect from heart disease and cancer!
  • The picture below shows some examples of the food that helps the body.
Big image
  • The colors of the foods include red, yellow/orange, white/tan/brown, green, & blue/purple

Here is a link to some great fruit recipes!

Here is another link for a delicious vegetable recipe!


We all know that fruits and vegetables are not your top priority to eat, but they really are healthy and benefit you in the long run, so eat the ones you like with high phytochemicals, so you will look and feel better in the future!