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Week of December 3

December News

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. As we enter into December we are in the home stretch of quarter 2. Please be sure to check below for upcoming school events such as band and choir concerts. Our students are are so talented and I feel fortunate that they share their talents and skills with us.

Parking Lot

Thank you for following the safety guidelines in the parking lot. Please remember to follow the directional arrows, pull forward along the blue lane, and refrain from stopping by the garden to pick up students. Also, for student safety, we ask that no students are in the parking lot without an adult. We appreciate your support to ensure the safety of all.

Semester 1 Teachers and Staff Members of the month

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All Things E.Q.

Hello Parents,

The motto this week is:

I say GOODBYE to my negative self-talk!

Our self-talk is very important because it shapes our beliefs about ourselves. When self-talk is negative, it erodes self-confidence. If you hear your kids bulling themselves with negative self-talk, help them let go of their negativity by telling it GOODBYE! It's a simple tool, but when used it has powerful results.

First, help your kids recognize their negative self-talk. Some examples of negative self-talk are:
  • I'm not __________ enough. (insert: smart, athletic, popular.)
  • Other people always do better than me.
  • I will never be good at __________. (insert: a sport, or subject in school.)

Never and always are common words when we use destructive self-talk and being aware of them can help your child notice when their self-talk is negative.

Second, explain to your child that while most people have negative self-talk from time to time, they do not want to make it a habit. When they recognize that they are speaking poorly about themselves they can break the habit by saying GOODBYE to those thoughts. They may have to say GOODBYE more than once, but over time it will get easier and saying GOODBYE more than once is still better than hanging out with negative self-talk.

“It’s not what we say out loud that really determines our lives.
It’s what we whisper to ourselves that has the most power.”


Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.

Upcoming Dates

12/3 PTSA meeting @ 3:45 room B115

12/4 Anthem School Family Night @ Barro's

12/7 Early Release @ 12:05

12/7 Hot Chocolate for sale after school

12/10 - 12/14 Candy Gram Sales

12/12 Spelling Bee @ 9:00

12/13 Band Concert @ 6:00

12/18 Choir Concert @ 6:00

12/21 Early Release @ 12:05