HMS Library Quarterly Report

January-March 2014

Life in the library...

Students read...

The chart below compares circulations during the first three quarters of this year as well as third quarter last year. It is interesting to note that nonfiction circulations decreased for the first time this year, although they were still higher than third quarter last year. Fiction circulations increased this quarter from second quarter this year as well as from third quarter last year. Other categories of the collection saw decreases in circulation this quarter, but total circulations were about the same. Overall, students at HMS continue to check out a lot of books each nine weeks! It is a testimony to the teachers and administration at HMS that reading continues to be a priority.
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Again this quarter, I held "book tastings" for each grade level's ELA classes. Students "tasted" several books to find ones they were interested in reading. Many students again left the book tastings with books in hand they may not have found otherwise, and teachers have reported the book tastings are a popular event in the library.
One of my top priorities in the library continues to be having books in the collection that meet the needs of HMS readers. To aid in that process, 26 books were purchased this quarter. Some of the titles are pictured below.

Teachers and students collaborate...

One exciting way students and teachers have been sharing with each other this quarter is through the new HMS Reads Edmodo group. I created the group as a place for students (and teachers!) to share book reviews of what they're reading and comment on other students' reviews. Every student, as well as each ELA teacher, is a member of the group, and it has been neat to see some of the conversations that have happened. We are still working on how to use good writing and how to respond appropriately, but my goal of all grade levels being able to interact about books is being met.
Another collaboration that happened this quarter was literacy stations with the 7th graders as they prepared to read "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry." Ms. Reed and I wanted to help students create some context for reading the book, so they came to the library to work through eight different stations. Some of the stations required them to read and compare informational texts, at some they looked at websites, and at one station they watched several short videos. Comments by students during the day made it clear that some of the information they learned was new, and Ms. Reed reported that it helped them as they began the book.

Students participate...

Again this quarter I invited students to participate in the library by answering questions written on the white board. As always, the students did not hesitate to share their opinions!

What's next?

In addition to my continual goals of finding ways to collaborate with teachers, helping teach information literacy skills to students, and sharing great books with students and teachers at school, one new goal I have is to help teachers find ways to connect students with the wider world. With all of the technology we have and with the connections that can so easily be made with people all over the world, there really isn't any reason students in Hesston shouldn't be able to interact with students in other places. I'm excited for that potential!

Rachel Yoder

HMS Library Media Specialist