Friday Coach Note

October 14, 2016

News and Updates

I will be here all week! Yay!

I'm planning on meeting with your teams on Tuesday and Wednesday for a few minutes.

Friday, Oct. 21, 2:15-2:45 Instructional Paras meeting in Mrs. Garner's room

Ideas and Resources

EPIC! Readerpillars!!!

I know some of you have started using EPIC! in your classroom. Here's a visual to keep track of classroom progress! PDF is saved in "101 Acequia," "ELA Resources," "EPIC!"

Conversion Tables

There are a couple of AR/Lexile conversion tables in the 101 Acequia, ELA Resources Folder on our Q-Drive.

Kiddle~~~Junior Safe Search for Kids~~~KidRex

When you pull up images on your TV, don't forget about "KIDDLE," "Junior Safe Search" and "KidRex"--these are three safe visual search engines for kids (and teachers!)

My Grammar Rant.....

I can thank my high school English teacher for making me a grammar detective. Reading posts on social media, emails, etc. the misuse of words like these just pop out at me. When I see it, I think maybe it's the auto correct or spell check that selected the wrong word. Let's make sure we're teaching students how to use these common misused words in our language.
Big image

Problem phrases:

Supposed to: Do not omit the d. Suppose to is incorrect.

Used to: Same as above. Do not write use to.

Toward: There is no s at the end of the word.

Anyway: Also has no ending s. Anyways is nonstandard.

Couldn't care less: Be sure to make it negative. (Not I could care less.)

All walks of life: Not woks of life. This phrase does not apply to oriental cooking.

Chest of drawers: Not chester drawers.

For all intents and purposes: Not intensive purposes.

More affect, effect, accept, except at a later date.........

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In The Spotlight!

Family Tidbit: Sam was named after our Grandfather Samuel James Miller

Mr. Sam Miller One of our Awesome 4th Grade Teachers!

Some of Sam's favorite authors (secular) are Edgar Allan Poe and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He loves classic movies and T.V. shows, especially anything with Bogart or Cary Grant.

Something that we might not know about Sam is that he worked as an interpreter for a professional basketball team in Argentina.

He says in a previous life he played a lot of basketball, but now he prefers to read or play video games. He says Rupert has a great gun range and he enjoys taking the family there on weekends. One day he hopes to be as good of a shot as Paula.

He has traveled in the U.S. from the East Coast to the West Coast and internationally to Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

He is the youngest of 6 children. His father is from Teton Valley Idaho and his mother is from Florida. Sam and Paula have 3 boys.

Sam says he doesn't believe in Bucket Lists, he doesn't plan to die.

(Shhhhhhh.......... don't tell him, but none of us get out of this life alive!)

With that said, he says he would love to see Pink Floyd in concert before any more of them die!

As far as something that Sam would like us to know about him.......he says....."I've told you more than I'd like for you to know already."

I guess we'll just have to do some detective work to get to know this mysterious Mr. Miller!

Or......... we could always ask Mrs. Miller!

We're so glad that Sam rediscovered his Idaho roots and made the move across county to Rupert. Sam started teaching 1st grade at Acequia and accepted the challenge to move up to 4th this year. He has a great sense of humor with his students, and enjoys building positive relationships with them. We're glad to have the Miller's in our Acequia family and look forward to getting to know Sam better!

Happy Anniversary Sam and Paula!

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See You on the Darkside of the Moon!

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon